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Why Use Silk Flowers Over Real Flowers for Home Décor?

October 31 2019 – Rustic Reach

Why Use Silk Flowers Over Real Flowers for Home Décor?
Why Use Silk Flowers Over Real Flowers for Home Décor?
Fresh flowers are a lovely addition to any space, but it can be expensive and time-intensive to go out and buy every week. Adding silk flowers to your home décor comes at a one-time cost, and at the same time, give your home a look you have always dreamed of having. You won’t be running out to the market, spending your paycheck every week, either.

Let’s dive into the benefits of decorating with silk flowers over real flowers. We’re also going to give you a few ideas to fill your space with beautiful silk flowers - no water needed!
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Using Silk Flowers to Complement Your Décor

Silk flowers add a touch of life and panache to any home. Why not complement the colors you are working with by using silk flowers? It does not take much effort to fill in your home with silk flowers to complement and complete your color scheme. If you have a bright color scheme going on, why not add some colorful and exotic silk flowers to the mix? Or, if you’re working with pastels, add some soft pastel silk flowers to add a touch of life. If you have a more muted or neutral color palette, try adding a touch of color to your coffee table or entryway with a small silk floral arrangement. Whether you want just a bit of floral or a whole lot of floral, adding florals will bring life to your home decor. You can change them out seasonally or not at all - it is up to you. You will be happy to know you are not spending an arm and a leg re-doing your florals every week.

Silk Flowers For Each Season

Many of us love to decorate our homes for the seasons. You may love brighter colors in the spring and summer and more deep hues in the colder, fall, and winter months. Customize your silk flowers depending on the seasons and switch them out a couple of times a year to complement the season. What’s even better? Silk flowers will not die, so use them for years while you switch them out, and no one will know.

Use Your Favorite Flower Anytime

Whether you are a lover of roses, peonies, or daisies, the idea of not being able to find your flower fresh and in season year-round is a bummer. However, you will be delighted to know that silk flowers have staying power through each season - they do not die or look limp. They always look fresh and beautiful, no matter the climate or season. So, go out there and get your favorite flower to decorate throughout your home without the cost of buying flowers that wilt and die.
Silk Gaura Flower Stem in Pink or Purple 20" Tall
Need to brighten up your home? Use Silk Flowers

It is no surprise here - silk flowers bring life into your home. If your home is feeling drab, adding a touch of green and brightness with silk flowers is the antidote. They breather life and add a pop of color. Silk flower potted plants are another useful alternative if you do not have a green thumb, but your area craves some green.

You can even add silk flowers to planters, pots, and terrariums. You can get variety out of your silk flowers this way. Using a garland arrangement for your mantel or as a table runner can work through any season. It will also add a variety of texture and style to your home.
Silk Common Poppy Flower
Gone are the days of spending money to brighten up your home with real flowers, now you can spend a little to go a long way with silk flowers. Silk flowers have entered a renaissance - they look so real! Give it a try in your home by decorating with silk flowers.