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The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants – Easy Carefree Decor Ideas

November 15 2019 – Rustic Reach

The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants – Easy Carefree Decor Ideas
The Art Of Decorating With Artificial Plants – Easy Carefree Decor Ideas
Artificial plants have always gotten a bad rap. For what reason, though? Long gone are the days of dusty, old, artificial plants being for your granny’s house. Have you seen the artificial plants on the market recently? Artificial greenery is making a comeback into the decorating scene- and for a good reason. Artificial plants are carefree and easy to maintain. Not to mention that they look great all year round, saving you money and making your home look beautiful.

If you are ready to leap into mixing greenery into your home, read on as we have some tasteful and carefree artificial plant decorating ideas:
Artificial Potted Boxwood Faux Topiary
Mix artificial plants with live greenery
If you have never decorated with artificial plants before, or have an affinity for buying fresh plants, then we have the answer for you. Why not mix it up? Place potted plants next to artificial potted plants. You could also add fresh garden clippings in with your artificial potted plants. Your home will look lush and vibrant for having the combo of the two, and no one will be able to tell what’s real from what is fake.
Artificial Green Leaf Tree
You can shape artificial plants and artificial trees
Today’s artificial plants are nothing like your grandma’s old artificial plants. The branches, stems, and petals are easy to bend or shape into a certain way. Try twisting your plant’s branches closer to the window to look like they are reaching for natural sunlight - just as a fresh plant would.

Arrange your plant or tree stems in a natural and organic way, and no one will be able to tell. You can move around branches and leaves now and then to freshen up your decor. Playing around with stems and branches also stops your artificial plant from looking uniform and fake. Not only that, but it will only take seconds to look professional. Fill in lonely corners with artificial trees and potted plants
Not sure what to do with a sparse spot in your home? Fill in those areas with artificial trees or artificial potted plants for a splash of color and a touch of texture. Let’s say there’s a corner you need to fill. Or is there a bookshelf that has too much space? How about the laundry room that needs a little bit of life?

Artificial plants are perfect for those kinds of spaces because they do not require water or sunlight, as fresh plants do. Though, if you have a spot next to a window, you could undoubtedly place an artificial tree or potted plant there like this, too. Your opportunities are pretty much endless when filling out your decor space. Artificial plants add height to your furniture
Modern furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, and media consoles tend to be built low. When all your furniture is low to the ground, use an artificial plant like this one. The plant will build onto your furniture. Plus, it will add that much-needed height.

Do you have high ceilings and low cupboards at hight with artificial plants, and you will not have to bring out the ladder to maintain every week like you would have to with fresh plants. The color and liveliness brought to your living space is an easy solution for those low spaces.

Low maintenance and carefree
Decorating with artificial plants is the most low-maintenance you could get when it comes to decorating. No green thumb? No problem. There’s no pruning, watering, or fertilizing involved when you own artificial plants. To keep your artificial plants looking fresh, however, do dust your plants regularly. No one will be the wiser!