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How to Decorate & Use Artificial Flowers

October 24 2019 – Rustic Reach

How to Decorate & Use Artificial Flowers
How to Decorate & Use Artificial Flowers

Unless it’s the middle of Spring, not many plants or flowers are available for beautiful home decorations. Even then, a lot of types of plants can offset allergies and wilt within a matter of days. At that point, you are quite literally throwing money in the garbage! To combat this tiresome problem, we have come up with a solution! We have listed some of our favorite tips on how to decorate a room to be filled with artificial plants and flowers so that your money goes a long way, without having the sniffles or a gross clean up in the process!

Tip #1 Before I Set Them Up, How Do I Make Them Look Real?
Real flowers aren’t perfect and your artificial flowers don’t need to look perfect, either! When you purchase artificial flowers, they tend to come connect in a bunch. Get creative and cut some apart, take off a leaf or two, and show some wear and tear. Once they are in a vase, real flowers tend to drop along the sides of it. Get that real flower effect by bending the wires of the fake stems to give them that same drooping look. If you want to go a step further, add water to your clear vases. Does your artificial flowers have metal stems? Add a few drops of clear nail polish to reduce the possibility of rusting. Now you will fool guests in thinking that these are the real deal and can add them to any room in your home!

Artificial Orchid Bouquet Small Cymbidium Orchid in Various Color
Tip #2 Are These Flowers So Last Season?
If you are the type of person who likes to stay within the season, use flowers and plants that would be popular during that time. Not only does this stay within the theme of that time of year, but it also makes the flowers come off as believable to guests - and even yourself! Nonetheless, you can pick light pink tulips in the middle of winter if that’s what you want around your house! Another tip for keeping them look realistic for their season is to ensure they are in pots or vases that are also on-theme for the season. Pro Tip: Putting together an assortment of seasonal flowers in a corresponding vase can make an excellent gift for any holiday, any time of the year!

Artificial Orchid
Tip #3 So, Where Do I Put Them?
Placement is everything, so you’re going to want to space everything out. Just as you would with actual hanging plants, you will want to put them in a corner of the room where there isn’t much else going on. With bouquets, you will want to place one as a centerpiece - whether that be in the middle of the dining table or your living room. Try not to get over zealous with dishing out baskets and bowls of beautiful plants everywhere or else you may feel like the room is too cluttered. One, large piece or 2-4 smaller bunches spread around a room will get texture and depth. When it comes to decorating with your new artificial plants, use your own discretion and space as to what your place really needs. If not, you may become a crazy plant person - but we encourage that!

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We hope this has excited you to look at investing in artificial plants a little closely than you have in the past. With flowers, plants, and rustic artificial living arrangements from RusticReach, you can find exactly what you’re needing for inside your home. They’re available year-round and any of their products can go with any season or time of the year! Order today and get your home some beautiful succulents to put on the coffee table or some amazingly stunning vase sets to put your new artificial flowers in.