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The Home Decorations in Spring

March 28 2019 – Rustic Reach

The Home Decorations in Spring
The Home Decorations in Spring

The Home Decorations in Spring

When spring blossoms, we see a variety of colors, such as fresh blue, vibrant green, sweet pink, vibrant orange and elegant purple. Each different color can let us feel the fresh breath of spring. So let’s choose the pure and fresh coating to make our rooms bid farewell to winter and return the breath of spring.

When spring comes, the sky is pure and blue. Your mood of that day will become comfortable to see that clean and flawless blue. Of course, this color needs to be seen in the first glance when open eyes. So just make the home wall like the vast sky, which is inclusive of everything in the home and let you play freely as if in the blue ocean.

Besides, vibrant green is the representative color in spring. The arrival of spring is representing that all things begin to recover. When look around, you will find all is verdant. By seeing this kind of color, you may be startled for it and begin a new round of struggle. Painted the home wall with this vibrant green can let you be hopeful forever and encourage yourself go forward every second.

How about the sweet pink color? A lot of pink flower can be seen in spring, which brings a kind of sweet sense to us. It is this sweet expression and the soft beautiful pink that become the first choice for girls’ bedroom in spring. The sweet schoolgirl together with the sweet pink can let you enjoy double sweet feeling in spring.

Moreover, the elegant purple is also very popular in spring. The light elegant purple contains the pure and fresh breath and it is the color that pure and fresh people love greatly. Of course the temperament of this pure and fresh elegant purple happens to coincide with the spring, which can not only cater to the beauty of spring, but also become the favorite for pure and fresh people.

For details, the plant and flower are the common and popular decoration besides the TV, such as rose bouquet in pot or green ginkgo leaf stems. With wall hanging decoration like the green plant picture frame on the bed setting wall of bedroom head and design ceiling lamp the left and right symmetrically. The background wall of the restaurant is also decorated with fresh green bricks and tiles. Put a bottle of country chrysanthemum stem on the table, which makes the whole kitchen full of spring atmosphere. Moreover, put several yellow daisy or sunflowers on the porch ark of gate entrance which can catch eyes at the moment you come in.

Rose bouquet in pot

Yellow daisy sunflowers artificial flower

Only making the inside of house in spring style is not enough. Because spring is a good time to have date with beautiful season. You can realize the good wish that dates with spring on the balcony of your home. You may ask that is not the balcony let a person feel the sunshine, breathe fresh air and dry clothes? Actually if decorate it well, it still can become a pleasant small garden and you are able to appreciate the freshest color of nature without going outside. No matter the dreaming garden balcony, the lazy desk balcony or the mini sweet the balcony, they can be achieved by a little effort. So follow my steps and make your balcony full of spring feeling.

Firstly, it is the garden balcony. Make the whole wall of the balcony worn with the real wood cases and hang your favorite green plant over it. Such as the greenery plant double hanging iron planter, which is a special decoration but attractive. Also, the hemp rope plant hanger with potted succulent plant is very popular for balcony. The pure fresh green plant and real wood natural echo, which can let the balcony become a secret garden. Then place a piece of chair at will and you can appreciate the green and feel the vitality comfortably. It is suitable for the people who pay much attention to lives mood. The most comfortable thing in life is to see the blooming spring in small flower garden.

Potted succulent plant

How about changing balcony into a bar? It sounds a bit out of reach, but it only needs small adjustment actually. We can make the clapboard of real wood into small stage directly with collocation of two small round stools that restore ancient ways or recreational sofa, which reveals literary and artistic feeling immediately, Drink a cup of coffee and read a book here in your spare time so as make your slow life. The collocation is the cloth sofa in latticed fabric that assembles leisure fashion and personality in one of necessary living goods, where you can enjoy the quiet time leisurely and comfortably. Another collocation is the folding iron mesh woven hanging table. The seiko work that weaves with iron net bring beautiful and colorful effect itself and let the balcony blossom the beauty of nature.

The balcony does not necessarily have flower. It is also a good choice to put a hanging chair to decorate a lazy leisure space. The hanging chair type balcony is just like an extra small casual corner where you can enjoy a personal time here quietly and read a book as well. Of course, if you feel a hanging chair is too drab, you can match a few potted plants or pillow by freedom, so that to let the space appear clean and emotional appeal. A pot of cactus bonsai adds a warm green, the pure and fresh feeling that comes out from holding pillow, which fully provide the lazy and easy spring enjoyment.

Cactus bonsai potted plant potted bonsai

Lastly, it is the mini style balcony. Please don’t miss any chance to contact with nature, even though it is just a small space. Perhaps many people will concerned about that the balcony is too small to decorate. However, how about making it as what we want it to be. Set up a portable computer desk and put a bottle of flower beside like the lotus in glass vase. So that you can work here as well as reading book. No matter how small the space is, it can be also beautiful enough if we design it by heart.

Let’s decorate our home as what spring looks like and bring the natural green color together with colorful pot plants into the place where are live.