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Mother’s Day, What She Needs Is Not Just A Bunch Of Flowers

May 08 2019 – Rustic Reach

Mother’s Day, What She Needs Is Not Just A Bunch Of Flowers
Mother’s Day, What She Needs Is Not Just A Bunch Of Flowers

Mother’s Day, What She Needs Is Not Just A Bunch Of Flowers

- What’s your plan this weekend?

- I will go shopping with my mother and perhaps go out to enjoy the spring landscapes, then I will send her a very lovely bunch of flowers.

- I’m going to try the new dessert on the café at the corner of the street with my mother and that will be so sweet and she will get a bunch of beautiful roses!

- Staying at home, watching my favorite movies, TV shows or just lying on the bed catching up on sleep. But later I will have a nice dinner with my mother and send her the prepared bunch of flowers.

- I will go home with a beautiful bunch of flowers and give my mother a big hug.

- …

Yes. On this Sunday, it’s the special day for our beloved mother. We seem to have realized something that very common which just like a routine at this yearly mother’s day that we should send a bunch of flowers such as the carnation, rose, and lily and so on to our moms. That’s cute and your mother will definitely give you back with a warm embrace and a big smile on her face with love and happiness.

But do you really think that what your mother happy for is just about the bunch of flowers? Not exactly. Your care and your love for her is the deep reason for her to be that kind of cheer. Your presents is on the secondary place when comparing to your concerns for her. However, if you put more heart on selecting the gifts for her, it will be more moving when she accept the gifts.

If a bunch of flowers is necessary on this occasion, then you should simply know some knowledge about the flower. Except for the special flowers that your mother love the most, you can select the following flowers as your mother’s gifts which will never wrong.

Many people would like to send the carnations to their mothers because it’s the flower of love. With the representation of the warm and fragrant blessing and the appreciation for mother’s love, it’s the first choice for the mother’s day present. There are many colors to be chosen, such as red, yellow, pink, etc., and the flower shape is so lovely and it looks so comfortable and gentle. This is a flower especially for the mother’s day that you should consider it.

Rose is such a kind of beautiful flower that loved by all the ladies since it blooms on the earth. Rose stands for love and beauty. It’s not just represent the love between man and woman, but also the love between children and parents. Each color of the rose have their own meanings. You can take a note so that later you can choose the one with the meanings that you exactly want to express to your mother.

Pink Rose Artificial Rose

Rose (red): passion, love you
Rose (pink): moved, declaration of love, remembered in the heart
Rose (white): innocence, purity, respect
Rose (yellow): infidelity, jealousy
Rose (orange red): the first love's mood
Rose (blue): pure love, honest and kind
Rose (green): pure and simple youth forever
Rose (purple): precious and unique
Everyone has different understanding of the love between you and your mom. It may be warm and sweet, or serious and strict. No matter what kind of love, it’s the real love! Just express it and let her know how much do you care about her. 

Lily is so lovely and its perfume is so amazing. The lily stem and the flower shape give people a feeling of gentleness and pureness. To know more about the flower meaning, you should not miss out the following notes.

Artificial flowers artificial lily

Perfume lilies: great love
Pink lily: pure and elegant
Yellow lily: wealth and noble, friendship forever


It’s suitable and never-wrong if you send a bunch of lilies to a lady because lily is always has a meaning of grace and pureness. It’s also a symbol of the independent and gentle female. Therefore, sending lilies to your mother is not only a respect for her, but also a compliment to her.

When I searching for the suitable flowers for the mother’s day, the pictures of tulips easily catch my eyes. It’s because of its forever enthusiastic meaning and the gay colors as well as the international-like shape that will draw people’s attention. You probably hope that your beloved mother will keep healthy and active during the lifelong days and you are willing to see her to be optimistic and live a happy life every day. Then just select a bunch of tulips for her. In this special day, just use the flowers to convey your love for your mother. Do not wait so long or you will regret for it. Here are also some notes of the tulips’ meanings.

Artificial tulips Silk flowers

Red tulips: declaration of love, joy, love
Yellow tulip: nobleness, preciousness and wealth
Purple tulip: endless love, favorite, eternal love
White tulip: pure and gentle


Try to create a warm and fragrant atmosphere on mother’s day. You can prepare some candles, and some artificial flowers or plants, some lights and a nice dinner for your mother at that day. With the pretty house decorations and a bunch of flowers with love, you and your mother will surely enjoy the sweet moment.

Finally, what I want to mention is that we should not only convey our love to our parents on the special days, but on every day when we still can stay with them. When we love each other, we enjoy the love on every moment. The presents that you send to your mother is not just a single gift, but also the way to convey your love to your mother. When she take the flowers on her hands, the happy memories from your childhood to your adulthood are probably replaying on her brain. She will say, “Come home and eat something.”