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Saint Patrick’s Day

February 27 2019 – Rustic Reach

Saint Patrick’s Day
Saint Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day

Thanks to the fast development of technology and the global economy, different countries in the world have been connected to each other in many ways. The exchanges, collisions and integrations between various cultures make our lives become more exciting and diverse. For examples, festivals from all over the world have been spread worldwide. Whether it is the western festivals or the eastern festivals, the ancient ones or modern ones, today, for the people who pursue the details and the sense of the ritual, all memorable festivals, regardless of religious beliefs, the geographical differences, as well as the language customs, we still love to celebrate them. In short, the festivals that can still be passed down for thousands of years should have their own extraordinary meanings in it.

Recently, people from Northern Island are busy celebrating their National Day – The Saint Patrick’s Day. Since the end of the 5 century, the special date-March 17 has been celebrated by the Irish people and there were many interesting stories and customs on that date. Nowadays, people from the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries are willing to celebrate the festival.

It’s a very amazing religious festival that attracts many young people to celebrate it because there are many interesting activities and carnivals as well as the special custom. So if you are interested in the special date, you may like to know something about the festival.

  1. The Brief History Of St. Patrick’s Day

In the 1970s, St. Patrick's Day was only considered a celebration of Irish culture and tradition, but it has been a religious festival in Ireland for more than a thousand years. This festival is to commemorate the Irish patron Saint Patrick, who first introduced Christianity to this country. There are many versions of his story, but most of the evidence indicates that St. Patrick's real name was St. Bart (not sure), who was sold as a slave after he was kidnapped at the age of sixteen. In order to survive the difficult life of slavery, he began to seek the power of religion.

Six years later, he fled to France to become a pastor and was later hired as the second Irish bishop. For the next three decades, he built schools, churches, and monasteries throughout Ireland to successfully persuade local pagans to accept Christian baptism.

On the way to preaching, he used the clover to explain the doctrines of the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The image illustrates how these three individuals form one. Since then, his congregation has been wearing clover while praying, and now wears green to represent spring, clover and Ireland during St. Patrick's Day.

  1. The Most Prominent Color: Green

 You don't need to wear a huge clover on it (although it will definitely make you shine), the biggest advantage of this festival is that you can do as much as you can. St. Patrick's Day T-shirts are common outfits that can be worn out. Consider the following when choosing clothes:

An all-green T-shirt with Irish-related words such as "I am Irish, kiss me!" The Irish, who are over ten years old, are fine on that clothes. You can also wear a T-shirt with the name of the Irish beer, such as Harp or Guinness.

For those who want to create a festive atmosphere, you can buy or make a green old dwarf costume with white stockings, a green top hat and a fake red beard (really better).

If you still need to work on March 17th, you can wear a green dress on your overalls to feel the festive atmosphere. Try a green striped polo shirt or green collar shirt, green or clover-like tie, or green socks and green underwear.

Artificial Plants Silk Plants Green Leaf

  1. Decorate You & Your House With Green Decorations

Buttons, pins and jewels are good decorations, and they are a good way to express the fun and interesting side of St. Patrick's Day. Wearing anything at this time is not considered to be gaudy or quirky. The button with wisdom slang (not need to be so smart) is worth a try. A small clover pin can subtly express your subtlety and your support to the festival.

There is a tradition in Ireland that all people who participate in a parade or celebration should have a small bunch of clover on their upper body (better not to be worn in the same place as the badge).

It is also a good way to dye your hair or your pet's hair bright green, but make sure the dyes used are non-toxic.

It is common practice to paint oil on the face of a child or part of an adult, especially for those who want to participate in the parade. It is very popular to draw a cute clover on the cheek and a green, white-orange Irish flag on the face.

If you want to immerse yourself in this wonderful festival atmosphere, even at home, you can choose the house decorations in green colors during the festival period. You can change your tablecloth to the green one, and put some green candles at the table, and choose some green artificial plants to be the house decorations. The artificial green leaf tree, the wreath spring green on rattan, the green persimmon fruit stem and the green leaf vines can be your good choices. To go with the bravo festival carnivals, you can put the green magnetic chalk board with solid wood frame to your wall and write down some wishes or funny or wise words on it. You can prepare a straw basket natural lidded basket in green for some snacks and sweets. There are many good ideas for you to enjoy the lovely festival. All the things people do at that time are just want to show their love for the new life and the happiness of their freedom. Just relax yourself, that’s all you are suggested to do.

Apart from the above activities, people enjoy speaking Irish words like ‘what's the craic?’ ‘Grand’ and ‘Eejit’ to make more fun. You can learn the Irish dance, eat Irish food, and listen or sing the Irish songs, participate on the local carnivals and drink some beer! Oh, if you want to celebrate but don't want to go to the bar, you can invite some friends to the green-decorated house to hold a holiday-themed party and relax with your best friends. You can tell everyone to wear in green or just let them come and have some beer.

It’s time to prepare for the holy Saint Patrick’s Day. Let’s start decorating the house!