Silk Flowers to Get You Blooming For Spring

Posted on February 18 2020

Silk Flowers to Get You Blooming For Spring
Silk flowers are the effortless way to breathe life into your home, especially during springtime. Silk flowers have a way of looking so real with the low cost of upkeep. The bonus is you only have to buy a set of silk flowers once. No more going back to the florist or market to pick up fresh flowers. With spring just around the corner, we’ve compiled our favorite silk flowers to bring some brightness into your home this season. Let’s dive into our favorite spring picks to brighten up your home.
Silk Common Poppy Flower
Silk Common Poppy Flower Stem in Pink or White

For a softer touch, try these silk common poppy flower stems. They come in either pink or white and add a feminine touch to any home. These silk flower stems are 22 inches tall and come with four flower blooms and one flower bud per stem. Whether you are going for a bohemian look or a more rustic look, these silk flower poppies look great in delicate mason jars or vases. They’re the soft complement to any vibrant home decor design.
Silk Common Poppy Flower
Silk Common Poppy Flower Stem

This silk flower, the common poppy, is another bright addition to your spring home decor. Choose from orange, orange-red, or yellow, and transform your living space with touches of good spring vibes. Each 22-inch flower stem comes with four flower blooms and one bud. The common poppy provides a vibrant aesthetic, using very little space. Whether your style is classic, modern, or country, you will notice a pop of color every time you step into your space.
Artificial Flower Buttercup Flower
Silk Flower Buttercup Flower Stem

These silk flower buttercups are another feminine yet romantic and springy touch to your home design space. Choose from either yellow, light yellow, green, pink, or white, and create a bunch of romantic buttercups. These silk flowers are 28 inches and come with three flower blooms and one flower bud per stem. Pair these flowers with a white or navy blue vase, and you will find a pep in your step every time you walk in the door and see these romantic spring flowers.
Silk Sunflower Stem
Rustic Artificial Sunflower Stem

What would the warmer spring and summer months be without the sunflower? Choose from one, three, or five 28 inch tall stems to create a sun-shining look for your home design. Each stem comes with one bloom and one bud to make these sunflowers look so real to your guests, they won’t believe it when you tell them they’re looking at silk flowers.