Artificial Flowers for Everyday Use Under $10

Posted on February 28 2020

Artificial Flowers for Everyday Use Under $10
Do you try to find ways to spruce up your home to make it feel bright and exciting? Or what about trying to find a beautiful and simple centerpiece but flowers just end up wilting anyways? No worries here with our newest line of artificial flowers to create a gorgeous centerpiece in the living room or dining table. And did we mention? These are not going to break the bank because every single one of these sets are less than $10. Flowers that never die for under 10 bucks? Sign us up! We break down the best ways to decorate your home with all of our different stunning bouquets. We think you will love it just as much as we do!
Silk Flower Flame Tulip Flower Stem
Our selection of stunning silk, flame tulips are a piece-de-resistance for any home that believes in spring all year long. With bright colors of yellow for the petals and luscious green stems, you will have guests believing that you have your own at home florist! Use these as a pop of color to your living room by placing them on either side of a television stand or opposite of where a lamp may reside. These are obviously ideal for spring as tulips are perfectly in season then, but no one can ever say that tulips are not in style!
Silk Gardenia Stem
Now who would not want this stunning flower anywhere in their home? Our artificial pink Gardenias are a real class act. In our bundle, these flowers are nothing short than a conversation starter. People will comment on how realistic and gorgeous these flowers look in the middle of the dinner table or lining the ends of your staircase. Our Gardenias are a fan favorite with their beautiful pink and white hues to give off a realistic feel and to add a dimension of color to any room.
Silk Camellia Flower
These Camellia Flowers in white and green are going to give your home a refreshing, vibrant feeling the moment you put them on display. Instead of having too many intense colors clashing together in the home, these natural and soft tones will keep things at a peaceful balance. You can place these throughout your home where they can be hidden in the background, but noticed with their tiny, pretty white Camellia flowers poking out. You can expect these arrangements to be ideal for homes that don’t have a lot of clutter or have very neutral colors throughout.
Silk Gardenia Stem
While we also offer our Gardenias in pink, they also come in a variety of white and light green for a more at ease and natural vibe to your place. Not everything has to have bright colors in order to feel like flowers, while these are neutral tones that like to add depth to the background without having to make too much noise. These can go in shelves and areas where you may need something extra to fill in empty space. They will stand out with looking life-like and their beautiful shades yet not be too much of a distraction.
Silk Chrysanthemum Stem
Home doesn’t quite feel like home unless there are Chrysanthemums around, right? Our selection of pink and white combo Chrysanthemums are perfect for an invigorating feel to the house. Since they are rather smaller flowers, they bring a light and exciting feel to the indoors with their playfulness. Arrange them inside wicker baskets, shallow vases, or even bundle them up with ribbon to lay around dead spaces to add a feel of warmth and youthfulness to any interior.