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How to Decorate Using Plant Stands

January 21 2020 – Rustic Reach

How to Decorate Using Plant Stands
How to Decorate Using Plant Stands
Being creative while decorating is not as difficult as one may think. In fact, you can use different stands and pieces for other purposes. Going in your own direction is what home decorating is all about. Let’s explore some useful ways we can use backyard patio plant stands to decorate in our home, and what style might suit you the best.
Blue Metal Shelf Rustic Metal Shelf
An Artist’s Plant Stand

As you can see, plant stands are not only needed to hold plants! There is an artist in everyone. Why not use a plant stand to hold your artist’s tools? We love the way you can make this patio plant stand functional yet artistic at the same time. Any creator can see his or her tools while still showcasing their talent in their workspace. Adding a trunk at the bottom of this stand was a great touch and a useful way to store items that are not so easy to organize neatly. They become a showpiece of the room.
Black Metal Plant Stand Modern Plant Stand
Use Patio Plant Stands to Tidy

What better way to clean up your space than to use a patio plant stand? Declutter and group your objects by making them showpieces on your plant stands. Baskets like this hold your items tight and keep them out of the way during your day to day.
Gather your favorite books and top with a tiny vase to make them a piece of decor. Use layers with items laying around, such as hats. The opportunities are endless when you use a backyard plant stand indoors. On top of it, you will look organized and well put together.

Food can be showcased as decor if you are having company over. Gather some french bread loaves and showcase them as a rustic accent. Break the bread with your guests later as you eat. Your patio plant stand is transformed into an entertaining piece.
Solid Wood Two Tire Plant Stand Book Shelf
Build Your Rustic Library

Plant stands make great makeshift bookshelves. Create a conversation piece by finding a rustic patio plant stand that fits the size of your space and reflects your personality. It’s often hard to showcase books while decorating. Plant stands tend to be smaller in size and easy to transport if you decide to move it to another room or do not want to reach far for your favorite book. You can also change up your look throughout your home by moving the stand around to get to the perfect spot to your liking.
Four Tire Foldable Metal Shelf
Ditch the Traditional Dresser

Showcase your clothes using a patio plantstand instead. They’re less expensive than closet shelving or dressers, and you will be able to reflect your style on whatever you choose. Your clothes will be easily accessible, too. Nothing looks better than seeing crisply folded clothing neatly organized and on display.
Metal Plant Stand Wire Cage Shelf
Store Your Indoor Plants

If you don’t feel like using other items for your patio plantstand, use your indoor plants as decorative showpieces. Backyard plant stands are not just for the backyard. Showcase your artificial plants too, in whichever way that fits your personality. With so many ways to use a plant stand, the opportunities to showcase your unique style are endless.