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Flower on Father’s Day

May 15 2019 – Rustic Reach

Flower on Father’s Day
Flower on Father’s Day

Flower on Father’s Day

Father's Day has been widely spread around the world and the holiday date is various due to geographical differences, but the most widespread date is on the third Sunday in June every year. There are 52 countries and regions in the world celebrate on this day. There are a variety of ways to celebrate it and most of them are related to the family gifts or activities.

On father's day, people choose special flowers to show their respect and missing to their father. People accept Mrs. Dodd's advice that wearing a red rose to show love for the living father, while wearing a white rose to express the mourning for the deceased father. This custom has been passed so far. At first, the dates of father's day were varied and some places used dandelion as a symbol for father's day while some places used a green leaf lined with white lilac to pay tribute to the father.

On father's day, the respect and love we think and express for parents are incomparable. When mother works hard to take care of us, father is also trying to play a heavy role that god gave him. When we try to think about what should buy for our fathers, we might need to reflect on if we love our fathers as well. Whether we can be just like him who devotes his whole life to us selflessly?

Father's love isn't sometimes as meticulous as mother's love, but the real fatherly love is broad and deep, subtle and soft. We all know that carnations are the flowers for mothers. On the occasion of father's day, sons and daughters can present a bunch of flowers to express their love for their fathers as well. But what flower shall we give? Let’s talk about it.

Father's day is usually decorated with yellow roses and lilies. The red and white roses are universally acknowledged as the flowers for Father's day. In some countries, yellow is regarded as the color of men. In Japan, white roses are a must on father's day and the branch quantity and shape is not fixed. So we can see that yellow or white rose is recognized as the flowers for father's day.  

It is popular to give sunflower on father's day in some countries with the meaning that father is like the great sun. All things grow by the sun just like under the father's love, children grow up finely. So we can give dad a bunch of sunflower flowers which represents the silent love, also can express how he feels for us. He loves us and supports us silently. No matter what kind of mistakes we made, we will not be afraid, because he is always behind us.

Though carnation is usually given to mother, the yellow one is a good choice for father, as the yellow color represents the kind, warm and sincere love that never fades.

Because of its strong and friendly character, dendrobium is also thought as the flower of father's day in many countries. Dendrobium is given on father's day to show perseverance and courage. The flower language of it is welcome, good luck and happiness. Dendrobium is a flower given to the father on the father's day or the father's birthday. It symbolizes the firmness, kindness and majesty of the father and shows respect to him at the same time.

Chrysanthemum flower stem

Moreover, we can give a bunch of chrysanthemum, which represents respect, perseverance and not afraid of difficulties. To us the father’s love is just like a mountain so firm so indomitable and so majestic. We also used to grow up under his protection and thank our dad. The flower form of chrysanthemum is full of enthusiasm and vitality. So its flower language is persevering, not fearing difficulty and pursuing the rich life. Single species represents warmth while the double species represents enthusiasm.

Lilac has the glorious nickname of the flower of heaven. Perhaps because of its noble fragrance, it has been highly valued since ancient times. Lilac itself has the meaning of sorrowful missing while the flower language for the varietal white lilac is youth and laughter. Those who are blessed by this flower have a glorious life and blessed by the god of heaven. On father's day in Canada, it is customary to give white lilac to express the father's love.

Besides to give flowers as gift, we can also decorate the house and let our father feel the warmth and enjoy the beauty when he comes home. Put a glass bottle on table with a bunch of dry flower can add much color and its long keeping characteristic implies that your love towards father is eternal. If your father likes the retro style, how about replacing the glass bottle with the turquoise vase or the small handmade ceramic pot? Then an artificial Cyathea tree can be put beside the TV bench as the rich green leaves can make people feel bracing and relaxed. The never fading tree is just like the ever living love between father and children.

Ceramic Pot

Outside door is a good place for family activity, such as the garden. But a raw garden is unexpected. A well decorated and planted garden will be a surprising gift as it is totally done by yourself and it is nothing can compare. Here we recommend some garden tools for you. Firstly, you need a solid wood crate or box to collect all the tools. Then take an iron planter to plant any flowers or grass that your father loves. This planter is with handles so that it is convenient to remove to any places as you like. It will be great to have family activity in a beautiful garden and we think it will be a pleasure Father’s day.

As the approaching of father's day, holding a bouquet of flowers to express your respect for him, perhaps this is the comfort of father and the expectations of the children. Of course, you can accompany father on a family activity, listen to his memories of the past and whisper with him, which will make father's day different.