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Loving My House: Balcony Floral Decorating

May 27 2019 – Rustic Reach

Loving My House: Balcony Floral Decorating
Loving My House: Balcony Floral Decorating

Loving My House: Balcony Floral Decorating

When you live happily and comfortably in a house, it’s not only a house, it is home. We have talked about the house decorating, including the dinner table decorating and the living room decorating, this time we are going to provide some tips on the balcony floral decorating.

Recently, a sentence is just often around my ears and I would like to share it with you. ‘You know, maybe you are not the house-holder, but you are the life-holder.’ There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Today, what I want to tell you is that maybe your life is not decided by a house, but a warm and fragrant house can flatter your life. That’s what I truly believe. Maybe you don’t have a house, or no matter what is the size of your house, big or small, if you decorate the house in your favorite style, you will enjoy yourself at every moment.

What’s the role of the balcony in a house? It’s essential. If you ask me to describe the cities and the people nowadays, I would like to say just a word: busy. The crowded streets are full of people at every ages, they often walk or run in a fast pace to work or home or to catch up with the busy vehicles. You and I, and he or she are one of these people. Only when we come back to our house shall we slow down our pace and enjoy the free time. Except for the beanbag and your bed, if you possess a wonderful balcony, then you will have more fun in your house. It’s a place that you can enjoy both the sunny outdoor days and the relaxed indoor moment at the same time. You can enjoy a wonderful afternoon time with a cup of coffee and a good book at your balcony. Imagine that when the sunshine gently spreads on your balcony, it makes the room to become more cozy and your life pace seems to be slow down. It’s the best moment of the day.

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Many people are willing to know how to decorate their balcony. The sunny balcony can be designed to be a garden house, a leisure room, a work place, or a casual dining area, etc.

If you don’t have an outdoor garden, but you own a sunny balcony, you can make your balcony a floral decorating so that it can become your inner garden. Selecting some flowering plants such as the roses, lily and magnolia, etc. and plants them with a good-looking or special designed vase or flowerpots. These plants can be in tiny size, so you just don’t worry, they will not occupy a large part of your balcony. Instead, the colorful flowers are the best decorations and they will add more vitality to you and your house. According to the popular modern design of the house, people are likely to choose the wooden floor. The high-quality wooden floors are very fine and smooth, it’s very friendly to your skin and it also creates a feeling of nature and comfort for you. The best partner of the wooden floor is undoubtedly the green plants. So besides the flowering plants, you can also select some green plants as well, such as the succulent plants, the ferns like the staghorn fern, eagle fern, maidenhair fern, etc., the herbaceous plants like the aloe plants, the olive tree, and travelers palm tree and so on. Using no matter the laid containers or the suspended containers, if you put them together in an aesthetic way, your balcony floral decorating can be completed perfectly. Just place a cane rocking chair and a wooden desk inside the balcony, you can easily enjoy your energetic and easy day there. If you feel more enjoyable to get some fruits from your balcony, you can plant some fruit trees or some vegetables at your balcony. When they are not bearing fruits, they are the pretty green plants, once they bear some fruits, such as the grapes, the apples and the pears, you can enjoy the feast of both your eyes and mouth!

Artificial Plant

Palm Travelers Tree

If you want to change the garden to a working place or the dining place, you can just change the furniture settings on the balcony, for examples, you can change the desk to a dining table, or the computer desk, etc. I also suggest that you should select the lights that can easily change the colors of the light, the orange glow can make you feel gentler and relaxed while the white glow can make you to be more peace. If you invite your friends to your party at your house, the colorful lights is another spotlights of your house!

Remember that if you are going to decorate your balcony with some living plants and trees, you should know more about the living habits of those plants and trees you selected. It’s not easy to plant a tree, not even a vegetable. For instance, you need to know if they are the turnsole plants or they don’t like the sunlight; if they need to be watered every day or not, or when to apply fertilizers and what fertilizer to be chosen at every different stages. People can never enjoy reap without sowing. You will get a wonderful garden on your balcony if you put some heart on it. However, if you have no time to be spent on these things, there is always another way to make your garden balcony come true with a little efforts. You can choose the artificial flowers and plants. They are vivid and pretty enough for your balcony floral decorations. You can find every species of the plants through the internet and order the artificial flowers just via several clicks. Choose the artificial plants made of high-quality materials, the exquisite craftsmanship will confuse you because you even cannot tell the artificial ones from the living ones just through your eyes.

So, at the new season, let’s start to decorate the balcony now!