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Floral Wall Decorations

June 05 2019 – Rustic Reach

Floral Wall Decorations
Floral Wall Decorations

Floral Wall Decorations

There are always something for decorations in the new house to show the taste and interest of the host. In view of the decorations on wall, some people like to hang the decorative painting or pictures while some prefer something full of cultural atmosphere. What else can be the good decorations for wall? Let’s talk about it and add more interesting to our daily life.

Firstly, retro industrial iron hooks are works of art created by artisans, which are made by iron material. The surface is made with the mottled effect painstakingly and it is in the style of the ancients, which is very suitable for the retro and nostalgic decoration style. The hooks not only can be the decorations for wall, but also have useful function such as hanging clothes, bags, keys something in light weight. The wall hanging hole is installed behind the wall hanging, which is convenient to install on the wall. Industrial style iron art hooks can be used as the hanging adornment on the wall in home. It can be applied to stair metope and the wall of the small shop that has distinguishing feature as well.

Secondly, the wooden shelves are common decorations for wall. We can paint it in the old style with wooden frame. It is very suitable for the American decoration style. Same as the hooks, it also has both decorating function and useful function. It is the storage rack that children like most. If there is child in home, it will be good to have a blackboard, so that the kid can write and paint on that. Fixed something with magnetism so that you can write on that and put some letters, numbers and the small decorations on the surface. They can be moved by random and it is with high variability.

Wooden baskets

We need boldness and innovation in life, especially in reinforced concrete cities where people face the high buildings and all kinds of cars every day while their aesthetic appreciation has been already tired and numb. Even it is the career that you want to devote your life to; you will also face the reality of helplessness and boredom. When you feel bored or stressful in office and home, raise your head and find that the plants are still green and full of vitality, which mind you the beauty of life. But how can you still feel the nature in big cities? The plant walls indoor are a good choice. So let’s discuss the succulents decorate wall hangings and add a touch of green to your home.

Wall Succulent

Green plants can be placed on a table or on a flower stand. However, it can also be the decoration on wall, especially the microlandschaft which it is very popular recently. As long as making a wooden base on the wall, you can hang these green plants. It will not take up much space and easy to be taken care of as well. The decoration will be more characteristic and even the wall will not be lonely.

Wall hanging flowerpot ornaments are made of cement, casted by artisans and painted by hand, highlighting the plain craft. Place all sorts of artificial flower, as they quite have rural style and the restoring ancient feeling as well. It is easy and convenient to assemble. Decide the position to hang flowerpot and drive the nail in with a hammer. After the nail is nailed, test whether it is stable or not. Then put the hanger on and set right and lastly put in the artificial flowers. A beautiful flowerpot hanging wall is done. This kind of hanging wall decoration is very suitable for the idyllic style bar, teahouse, handicraft workshop and so on.

Hanging Planter

Wall Planter

The rich spring and summer green is full in eyes and the fresh breath has run into heart. Embraces the warm sunshine in a cosy morning when the sunshine goes through the window and spreads on the wall. The green color is the soul of morning. The color is pure and exquisite while the posture is vivid. Succulent goes with plants will be full of love. 

Use the ceramic material that can give off light to build the intense and fashionable visual focus so as to let your home with a green feeling and allow you to enjoy nature, leaving the beauty of instantaneous. The hanging plant such as the hemp rope plant hanger with potted succulent plant is a good choice for wall, which give out the feeling that the romance climbs the wall and make it full of vitality. Different succulents in alluring tones are scattered on wall, presenting rich visual dynamics. Multiple colors of plants overlap and keep balance, which is a bold and unrestrained design. The rich plant design is the pursuit of the real beauty of nature.

Wall Plants

The artificial succulent is made from the high quality material; it is healthy and environmental protection. The dyeing is uniform and the hand feeling is smooth. No matter the visual sense or handing feeling can achieve the degree of being real. The transparent and beautiful material is very easy to take care of and can be wiped with a cloth. The novel style decoration is suitable for any place. Put them combined together, as if we make a garden in home.

Besides using succulent, there is no doubt that flower is another good one for wall decoration. Make it in the rural style and put the artificial flower on. The flowers bloomed beautifully and it will look much better if go with green leaves. All the wall decorations are applied the artificial art and in the form of art, the beauty of all kinds of plants is displayed vividly. The super-fine emulational craftworks process the texture in details and it is very delicate, no need the daily caring but keep fresh forever, adding much vitality to the home.

Add a bit of green feeling for the home, add a bit of color for the mood and add a bit of style for the life. Don't be grandiose, be simple and beautiful, don't be pretentious, be your own style.