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How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Using Cement Planters

December 21 2020 – Hoson Xiao

How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Using Cement Planters
How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Using Cement Planters

Well, it’s time to deck the halls, or at least get some ideas on how you want to decorate this year. Whether you have a classic holiday style, or you love it when your décor is big and over-the-top, including ceramic planters in your décor adds your own unique spin to tradition.

Ceramic planters from Rustic Reach are different, fun, and timeless. They’re décor pieces that you’ll look forward to bringing out every year and pass down from generation to generation. The best part is, while you can enjoy them through the holiday season, you can also leave them out year-round and change their purposes or filler pieces.

Check out these diverse ways you can use ceramic planters this holiday season.

Ceramic Centerpiece

Perfect to pack away and bring back out each year, adding artificial poinsettias or blue and white roses, lilies, and carnations to your home can help bring your holiday colors to life – even if not literally. To tie any of your florals together like a bow, adding your bouquet to a timeless planter, like the Ribbon Bag Style Concrete Garden Pot, can help complete the look. Place the planter on your dining room table as a decorative centerpiece, or add it to your coffee table as a welcoming cornerstone.

Ribbon Bag Style Concrete Garden Pot

Cement Candy Bowls

The holiday season is marked by sweets, treats, and many, many baked goods. Instead of stealing a bowl from your set-of-four tableware, using a ceramic planter is a fun twist on an otherwise traditional décor item. The Cement Planter in Various Shape Colors and Sizes is a modern yet timeless piece to store your candies, mints, and other goodies. Coming in many shapes and sizes, you can choose which opens fits best for your space and needs.

Cement Planter in Various Shape

Plant the Plant

Christmas and Hanukkah both revolve around a religious centerpiece: a Christmas Tree or a Hanukkah bush. They’re the midpoint of celebration and custom. To hold your fauna, the Willow Style Ribbon Concrete Flower Pot is solid, structured, and beautiful. It is complete with a bow, just like a gift.

Willow Style Ribbon Concrete Flower Pot

Beautiful Breadbasket

For all your holiday feasting needs, the Straw Basket Style Concrete Planter can act as the perfect breadbasket. Whether you’re baking up some rolls, baguets, or buns, you’ll need a firm holder for all your masterpieces. Line the pot with some saran wrap for safekeeping, and you can transport your baked goods from the kitchen to any eating area.

Straw Basket Style Concrete Planter

House Your Herbs

The holiday season calls for many celebrations, which means a lot of time will be spent in the kitchen cooking up family-favorite recipes. You’ll be grabbing at your basil, rosemary, and thyme like it’s nobody’s business. Having a planter, like the Paper Bag Style Concrete Garden Pot, for your herbs will help keep them sturdy when you go to pluck what you need.

Paper Bag Style Concrete Garden Pot

We hope these planter ideas help make your household holidays even more celebratory this year.