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5 Ways to Make Your Faux Plants Look More Real

November 20 2020 – Hoson Xiao

5 Ways to Make Your Faux Plants Look More Real
5 Ways to Make Your Faux Plants Look More Real

Taking care of living plants is a lot of hard work, money, and time. You have to stay on top of a watering schedule, remember to turn the soil, and provide fertilizers. While everyone may want plants to liven up their space, living plants aren’t for everyone.

This is where faux plants come into play. While you may love the look of life on bookshelves, windowsills, and shelves, there’s no need to put yourself through a hassle and a headache to achieve that desired look. Getting some faux flower stems, plants, and trees at Rustic Reach will be the first step to making your home greener without needing a green thumb.

Here are five ways to make your faux fauna look more real.


While your faux plants won’t need any sunlight, you don’t want to make them stick out like a sore thumb in a spot they couldn’t exist otherwise. If you know a monstera plant needs a lot of sunlight, sticking it in a dark corner wouldn’t make any sense. Place your plant in a suitable vase, like an antique floral carving iron pot, and consider putting it where its living sister may go.

Antique Floral Carving Iron Flower Pot


If there’s one fact about living plants that are being cared over, it is that when you look at them, you know they’re well-loved. If they have kept their color, aren’t drooping, and haven’t wilted in any way, then you know they are doted over. When you put a faux plant in your home, they’ll look as perfect as a well-maintained plant. So, to keep up the image, make sure you place it in a nice pot or vase, like an Iron Flower Garden Barrel, and put some personal touches around it, such as some beloved knickknacks or a gardening shovel.

Iron Flower Garden Barrel


While faux plants need way less care than living alternatives, you can’t just place them wherever and then forget about them. Give their leaves a good wipe down when they’re starting to look dusty. And consider putting your plants in a pot that can be easily wiped down too, like the Restoration Sweet Home Flower Pot.

Restoration Sweet Home Flower Pot

Pair with Partners

When people have living plants, they generally have multiple all teamed up in a cluster by a window or other light source. When you place your faux plant in your desired location, consider adding a few friends to the mix. Setting them all in similar pots, like a set of 3 Metal Pot 'Flowers and Garden' Pot with Rope Handles, also adds attention to detail.

Metal Pot 'Flowers and Garden' Pot with Rope Handles

Get a Little Dirty

While you may be avoiding getting real plants for their upkeep or mess, one of the easiest ways to bring your faux plants to life is if you add some dirt to the top layer of the pot in which the plant lives. It adds a nice touch and texture, but just make sure you purchase a pot that can handle the graininess of soil, like a Rectangular Flower Pot Gray Farmers Market.

Rectangular Flower Pot Gray Farmers Market