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How to Bring Nature into Your Home with Wood Accents

April 06 2020 – Rustic Reach

How to Bring Nature into Your Home with Wood Accents
How to Bring Nature into Your Home with Wood Accents

Home: it’s where you come home after a long day of work, school, or simply life, and feel like you can actually unwind. It’s where you kick your feet up, take a deep breath in, and finally allow the day to drift away in a restful state. It’s where you let your guard down and can wear your heart on your sleeve without any worry.

As this ultimate reflection of rest, as your home acts as a place that brings serenity and peace into your busy life, the decorations should reflect these sentiments as well. One of the easiest ways in which you can add an element of harmony into your home is by bringing nature indoors.

Whether you already house an array of greenery or one of the gifts you may lack is a green thumb, you can still add nature accents by incorporating wood pieces from Rustic Reach.

Bring the Country Wherever

When many people think of the countryside, they imagine rolling pastures, untamed yet controlled grass, fields of wildflowers, chirping birds, the soothing sounds of barnyard animals, and stillness. It brings in a state of reflection and respite, which is why adding pieces of decoration that have a country-like aesthetic can be so influential. By adding a birch wood country wall hook, you can bring in this natural component without being too on the nose.  

Birch Wood Country Wall Hook

Spa-Like Door Accents

In addition to feeling like a regular sanctuary, your home should feel like your getaway from the daily chaos of life. You should feel like you enter a state of relaxation the second you open your front door, just as if you were opening the door to your very own spa. To add in some spa-like decorations, add a wood beaded door curtain to your bedroom door or even an entryway for an added calmness and reprieve. 

Wood Beaded Door Curtain

Add in True Wood Elements

The outdoors always adds a sense of serenity to life in the way everything is simple yet complex. There lies such a deep beauty in the what can become mundane, like trees. While you look at trees every day, when was the last time you really looked at a tree and thought about its layers, its life, and its story. Add a natural wood wall hook or birch wood craft wall hanger right by your front door to not only add a functional design element to your home but also a reminder to take another look at the beauty of life – to stop and smell the roses – or at least think about life around you.

Natural Wood Wall Hook

Get Natural and Crafty

While functional elements in homes are always wonderful, it’s equally as important to get artistic too. And when you add a creative element that also provokes the peace of nature, you’ve got a win-win situation, especially when it’s a birch wood craft decorative wind chime hanger. You can build it to your preferences, and your eye.

Birch Wood Craft Decorative Wind Chime Hanger

Make your home feel as naturally you as possible with decorations that reflect not only your life but also life around you.