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How to Incorporate Hand-Blown Glass Vases into Your Home

March 30 2020 – Rustic Reach

How to Incorporate Hand-Blown Glass Vases into Your Home
How to Incorporate Hand-Blown Glass Vases into Your Home

Have you ever looked around your house and felt like there’s a decorative piece that’s missing? The corner where your picture frame lies is a little bare or that windowsill houses nothing? Your home should be the perfect reflection of who you are: your tastes, your interests, and what you find appealing.

Hand-blown glass vases can be the perfect addition to complete any room, as they can complement every style. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer a quirkier space, these vases can showcase your soul. Luckily, there is something for everyone at Rustic Reach.

If you need some ideas as to how you can incorporate them into your space, here are some ideas that may work for you.

Standalone Art

With intricate colors, patterns and styles, these vases are so unique that they can act as standalone art that can perfectly accent any TV console, China cabinet or countertop. It adds a delicate element to any busy or simple space that can reflect your interest, based on texture, tone and flair. From foggy to amber glass, you can find a color that reflects the rest of your space.

Hand Blown Bubble Glass Bud Vase Amber

Vase for Flowers or Greens

Whether you just picked some fresh flowers for your home or you prefer to stick to the timeless, faux kind, a hand-blown vase can be the perfect addition to your bouquet. This combination can make for a great centerpiece for a dining table or kitchen island that will get your guests asking where they could find such an interesting piece that can suit their space too. This conversation accent piece can be as subtle or loud as possible, with blue bubble glass or even planetary colors.

Blue Bubble Hand Blown Glass Vase

Utensil Holder

Are you a chef? Do you keep your cooking utensils in the drawer but always struggle to grab the spatula you need without fighting through too many whisks? Using one of these vases as a holder is not only an efficient way to store your cutlery but also a chic manner too. A snow-colored vase can be an understated addition to your kitchen, enhancing the room with a component of artistic flare without being over the top or gaudy.

Glass Vase Snow Mountain Hand Blown Glass Vase

Home for Collections

A translucent vase can be the perfect house for collectable items, such as stones, shells and sand. If you have recently gone on a vacation and gathered an array of sea glass but have nothing to store it all in, a complementary vase will suit your needs and add another layer of beauty to your memories. You can even get three different sizes, so one can be for sand, one for stones and one for shells – this way, everything has its own home yet tells a cohesive story of a time spent adventuring.

Glass Vase Hand Blown Glass Vase in Various Colors

Whether you’re looking for a vase for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, there is something for everyone at Rustic Reach. Add a piece of your heart to your home with a hand-blown touch.