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Keep Bare Walls in 2020: Dress Up Your Home with Unique Embellishments

April 13 2020 – Rustic Reach

Keep Bare Walls in 2020: Dress Up Your Home with Unique Embellishments
Keep Bare Walls in 2020: Dress Up Your Home with Unique Embellishments

The goal of our home is, first and foremost a place of shelter, but immediately after, it should be a reflection of who you are and your curiosities. Are you colorful? More subdued? Prone to relaxation? Or do you prefer the party life?  The walls of your home should tell the story of your life with personal photos, your favorite art pieces, and other flourishes that showcase your unique interests.

In addition, if these pieces can include greenery, that should definitely be considered as an option. Adding plants – artificial or living – can help make your space feel livelier and airier. It can add another level of relaxation and comfort on any sunny or rainy day.

While decorations from Target and HomeGoods may do the trick, everyone else also has these pieces, so you’re not bringing any rare items into your home. The goal of decorating your house is to reflect your soul and to be as unique as you. Pieces from Rustic Reach are unique, classy, and creative, allowing you to dress up your home without breaking the bank and remaining individualistic.

Here are some beautiful options that you can add to your home that include originality and plants:

Plant Framed Wall Art

If you have a large space on your wall, some plants that are framed into art can do the trick. With unique yet subdued colors, this piece of art brings life into your living space without the hassle of watering. With moss, succulents, and other natural elements, this piece is unique and can act as a real conversation starter.

Artificial Wall Plants Blue Cloud Framed Wall Art

Artificial Succulent Wall Art

If you prefer the rich greens of succulents, this could be the perfect piece of art for your living space. Also larger in size, this décor item casts life and originality into your home. Hang it horizontally above a dining table or vertically amongst a gallery wall – the versality of this wall art can be as vast as you desire.

Artificial Plant Succulent Wall Art

Framed Fern Wall Art

Jumping out of the frame and into your home, this framed fern wall art plays with imagination and inventiveness. Instead of being a typical fern leaf displayed in a glass frame, this plant joins the room as it simply rests in the frame on all angles. Perfect for a bathroom or bedroom, this no-hassle plant shows the inventive side of your personality.

Green Plant Oba Fern in Wood Frame Plant Wall Art

Frame Succulent Art

Simple and clean, this succulent art is the perfect accent to any space. It is the ideal décor item for any bookcase, shelf, or entry way. With cacti of different shapes and sizes, the balance of this piece is subtle yet appealing.

Framed Succulent Wall Art

Next time you think about decorating your home, skip the department stores and head to Rustic Reach to explore and showcase your originality and personality.