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Flower Stems for Your Zodiac Type

January 11 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Flower Stems for Your Zodiac Type
Flower Stems for Your Zodiac Type

Our Zodiac signs are some of the best ways to get to know ourselves in an easy and fun way. Dating back to 1000 BC, astrological charts have been used to help make sense of tendencies, personality traits, and interests. In 2020, they have become a great means of conversation and bridge to understand someone else.

Decorating based on your Zodiac sign is nothing new, and it’s a fun way to spice up your home to be a direct reflection of who you are. Flowers are a sure-fire way to help bring your space to life, even if they’re faux. Rustic Reach has many great options to choose from, and below are some stems to decorate your home with based on your Zodiac sign.

Capricorn (12/22—1/21)

Capricorns are known for being hardworking, intelligent, and ambitious. A bit on the straightforward and stubborn side, they know what they want, and they’re not afraid to get it. Colored garnet like the Capricorn birthstone, the Artificial Tall Stem Flower Mulan Thistle is the perfect stem type for this astrological sign. Its simple yet complex design makes the Mulan Thistle the ideal fit for Capricorns.

Artificial Tall Stem Flower Mulan Thistle

Aquarius (1/22—2/21)

Aquarius’s are unapologetically themselves in some of the most beautiful ways. They think outside the box and tend to rear on the eccentric side. With their innovative thinking, they’re admired by many. The Colored Art Sunflower Stem is the perfect representation of an Aquarius with its original structure and beautiful coloring. While the flowers can fit well in a bouquet among other types, they also can stand beautifully on their own, just like an Aquarius.

Colored Art Sunflower Stem

Pisces (2/22—1/21)

Pisces live through rose-colored lenses, peering at the world from a viewpoint of love and admiration. They live freely, love deeply, and receive openly. They’re sensitive to the world around them in a way that is not a weakness, but instead, a sign of strength. They’re aren’t afraid of getting hurt because they understand that when a heart breaks, it can heal in new, tougher ways. The Artificial Buttercup Flower Bundle in Pink is the perfect representation for this sign with its freedom to live boldly and beautiful.

Artificial Buttercup Flower Bundle

Aries (3/22—4/21)

With its symbol of a ram, Aries are tough, brave, and impulsive. If they have something on their mind, they will fight for it—even without much thought. They act based on feeling and are as tough as nails when it comes to defending their choices. This is why the Round Camel Color Ball Flower on Twig Stem is a great floral fit for this sign. Looking like a firecracker with its spiky exterior, the Camel Color Ball Flower matches the defense of an Aries.

Round Camel Color Ball Flower

Taurus (4/22—5/21)

Taurus’s are sweet souls who crave comfort. With their down-to-earth personalities, they have great taste in the things they find important and surround themselves with anything that promotes happiness. They carry a lot of love for those around them and will stand up for others like it’s their full-time job. The Rustic Poppy Flower Stem in Purple is the perfect fit for Taurus’s with its sensual coloring, strong standing, and calm demeanor.

Rustic Poppy Flower Stem