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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Holiday Season Using Wreaths

January 07 2021 – Hoson Xiao

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Holiday Season Using Wreaths
4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Holiday Season Using Wreaths

Christmas trees and Hannukah bushes are going up, banisters are getting strung with lights, and stockings are hanging up over the fireplace. Hot cocoa is being warmed, and a menorah is resting nicely on its shelf. The holidays are entering full swing, and excitement is in the air.

One of the most integral parts of the holidays, as many know, is all the decorations. Our homes are covered in lights, our rooms smell of spruce and fir, and our ovens are filled with baked goodies soon to be set out on a plate for everyone to enjoy. And one of the best, most traditional pieces of décor are wreaths. But before you give yourself a headache at the thought of having to pick up needles everywhere, buy a faux wreath from Rustic Reach for all the fun and none of the fuss.

Here are a few ways you can decorate with wreaths this holiday season.

As a Centerpiece

Nestled among some candles, pinecones, or salt and pepper shakers, the Country Small Wreath in Various Design would elevate your table to the next level. It’s small enough that it won’t be too cumbersome and overtake the whole table, but it’s also large enough that it won’t be lost among your table toppers. It helps draw the focal point of the room to the table, aiding as a reminder that the holidays are about who’s around the table, not what gifts are received.

Country Small Wreath in Various Design

Standard Front Door Decoration

As we all know, nothing says the holidays quite like walking up to a front door that’s been decorated with a wreath. It’s the first symbol you see of home—that you see of love—during the holiday season. The Pink Hydrangea White Rose on Rattan Wreath is the perfect addition to your home that is holiday-neutral, and that can carry you into the new year. It’s perfect to take down every year, or you can even leave it up year-round. The choice is yours!

Wreath Pink Hydrangea White Rose on Rattan

Bathroom Door Décor

While it’s standard practice to employ a wreath on a front door, who said you have to stop there? Adding a touch of green and holiday spirit to little nooks and crannies is really what makes the season extra magical. Hanging the Wreath Spring Green on Rattan on a bathroom door can help make your space even more decorated without being cheesy. It’s a rustic touch of holiday cheer to an often-overlooked area of the house.

Wreath Spring Green on Rattan

Mini Tree/Bush Skirt

If you have a smaller Christmas tree or Hannukah bush, you know that finding skirts or other means of covering hardware is difficult to come by. It’s either you get the large, brightly colored tree skirt that you work to make do, or you go with nothing at all. However, with the Natural Rattan and Willow Wreath, you can nestle your tree or bush in its opening and have a lovely, innovative way of decorating for the holiday.

Natural Rattan and Willow Wreath