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Ceramic Vases Based on Your Aesthetic Type

January 11 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Ceramic Vases Based on Your Aesthetic Type
Ceramic Vases Based on Your Aesthetic Type

Ceramic vases are timeless, classy, and best of all, they really can last forever if they’re taken care of. It’s why choosing the right vase for your space is so important. Instead of squandering money by going through vase after vase because they just don’t bring you absolute pleasure, it’s important to pick one that fits your home aesthetic once and for all.

While all the vases listed below are beautiful on their own, not every option will fit your style needs. Some are a bit on the warmer-hued side, while others are on the cooler. If you’re attempting an Italian riviera style aesthetic, adding a modern piece of décor won’t do you any good.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right vase fit for your needs.

Modern Italian

The best fit for a modern Roman vibe is the Small Opening Stoneware Terracotta Vase. With its handmade feel and ageless look, this is a piece of décor that can suit both outdoor and indoor needs. Add in some lemon branches, and soon your space will liven up in a contemporary Italian way.

Small Opening Stoneware Terracotta Vase

Southern Belle

If your favorite flower to decorate your home with is not a single flora but rather a bunch of wildflowers, the Country Style Crackle Glaze Ceramic Vase Jar is the ceramic vase for you. Add in some poppies, daisies, baby’s-breath, and sunflowers, and your home will become beacon of springtime. With its southern charm and rustic feel, this white-stone vase will make you want to look over a field of green and bask in the summer sun.

Country Style Crackle Glaze Ceramic Vase Jar

Rustic Resemblances

A rustic aesthetic is one of the most popular yet timeless means of decorating a home. With natural, home-y décor items, adding in stone, wood, and marble pieces helps bring the space back down to earth. This is why the Small Opening Rough Textured Dried Flower Vase is ideal for anyone trying to achieve a rustic aesthetic. It lets the flowers do the talking while still remaining interesting on its own in a natural way.

Small Opening Rough Textured Dried Flower Vase

Bohemian Beauty

The bohemian style loves to mix texture, color, and material. The aesthetic is all about bringing everything together in a fun, pleasing, and welcoming way. The White Flower Vase Glazed Ceramic Vase is a great addition to any bohemian home with its textured base and rough ceramic rim. The white and tan coloring can complement any flower you choose to place inside—allowing you to add as much or little vibrancy as you’d like.

White Flower Vase Glazed Ceramic Vase

Mediterranean Moods

Styling your home for a Mediterranean aesthetic allows you to add blues, magentas, and golds. It brings you out over the water where you can view cascading, clear water, dotted by sailboats in the distance. The Gray Blue Hand-painted Terracotta Table Vase is a nod to the Greek style with its neutral tan, sea blue, and sand white. It can complement any flowers or greenery.

Gray Blue Handpainted Terracotta Table Vase

We hope you find a vase here that suits your style and brings you an abundance of happiness and peace.