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5 Perks of Decorating with Artificial Plants

March 08 2020 – Rustic Reach

5 Perks of Decorating with Artificial Plants
5 Perks of Decorating with Artificial Plants

Being around nature has many benefits, some of those the growing feelings of peace and rest. That’s why many people choose to bring the outdoors inside with decorative plants and trees. But with busy schedules and a multitude of tasks, keeping those plants alive can be challenging. Instead, artificial plants come with all the looks but none of the stress.

There’s no shame in taking an easier route when you can still achieve the same calming aesthetic. And when you purchase fake plants that look real, like the ones from Rustic Reach, then you certainly have hacked the system. Washable and resistant to fade, these plants give you that fresh feeling you crave without the fuss.

Artificial Plant Hanging Fern Plant Décoration
No Time, No Problem

If you don’t have time to care for plants, then artificial options can be your best friends. Hang them up, put them in pots, and have as many or little as possible. You get to enjoy the look without having to remember when to water them. Plus, if you know you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, there’s no need to worry about them dying while you’re gone.

Artificial Plant Big Rock Fern
Forget About It

Many people who have the ambition to start a plant family often fizzle out at the end of the month. Their collection slowly starts to turn brown and fade to a droopy mess. With fake plants, you don’t have to worry about following a watering schedule or setting timers on your phone. You can literally forget about them.

Artificial Bonsai Sanchezia
Fuss Who?

Taking care of plants that are alive requires a lot more effort than just watering them once a week. You must change their soil, add in plant nutrients, change pot sizes when they grow, and pick off leaves that are dying and may be dangerous to their growth. With fake plants, you can enjoy all the pretty perks of plants without having to get your hands dirty – literally.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Change Them Up

The great part of about artificial plants is that since you can’t kill them, you can change them up for the seasons. Do you want snow berry leaf stems for winter but not during the summer? Get fake ones. Want a fig tree for the spring but not during the fall? Purchase an artificial one. You can mix and match for the seasons and save them in a box for when you want to decorate with them again.

Real Touch Turtle Leaf Bunch
Cut Down Prices

Quality artificial plants are an investment. Some may be a little more expensive to start off with than real plants, but when you consider having to purchase different pots, soil, fertilizers and more for the living ones, you begin to save money almost straight away. And if you’re relentless for killing plants, you cut down the costs of having to buy plants repeatedly.

As you begin this next journey of being a plant parent, know that artificial plants are a great option for you. Pick which ones call to your soul, and decorate to your heart’s desire.