5 Ways You Can Style Some Stems

Posted on November 20 2020

5 Ways You Can Style Some Stems

Homes come alive with the introduction of life—and no, we’re not just talking about family here. We’re talking about plants. But before you let out a huff and reminisce on all the plants that have died at your hands, there’s a major caveat here. These plants can be faux and fabulous.

Plants don’t only add pops of color to your space, but they also add layers of texture and vibrancy. And just because a plant may be faux does not mean that it can’t be as attractive. Rustic Reach specializes in creating the most lifelike and full faux plants possible to fill your heart and home with beauty.

Check out these 5 ways to style plant stems in your home.

Buddleja Butterfly Bush Bundle

The Buddleja Butterfly Bush Bundle is flush with luscious texture and warmth. To highlight the amber undertones of the stems, incorporating the bundle in an amber vase can help brighten your space and tailor to the plant’s beauty.

 Buddleja Butterfly Bush Bundle

Artificial Plant Green Eco PE Spike Grass Stem

Succulent and robust, this Green Eco PE Spike Grass Stem will add brightness to your space with its vibrant coloring. If paired with the Hand Blown Glass Vase in Various Colors, you will bring your dull room to life with this majorly stunning pop of color. Tinier in size, it can be perfect for any nook or cranny in a bathroom, hallway, entryway, or office. It can also be the ideal detailed addition to any bookshelf.

Artificial Plant Green Eco PE Spike Grass Stem

Artificial Millet Stem 37" Tall

While autumn is still in full swing, there’s no better way to feed into the season than to accentuate your space with its warm colors. Adding some Artificial Millet Stems in a Yellow Glazed Ceramic Vase with Handles will turn your home sunny yellow without being over the top or too kitschy. You can also take your decoration a step further by tying a burlap ribbon around the neck of the vase into a bow.

Artificial Millet Stem

Artificial Plant Green Leaf Rattan Stem 37" Tall

Whimsical and dainty, the Artificial Plant Green Leaf Rattan Stem is a gorgeous addition among busier flowers, or if bunched together, they can add a minimalistic touch to any room. Setting them in a vase with a thinner neck, like the Hand Blown Frosted Art Glass, would help keep them upright and perky. For a wider stance, arrange them in a wider necked vase, like the Glazed Ceramic Abstract Brown Stripe White Vase.


Artificial Dancing Grass Stem 25" Tall

For a fun and full floral piece, arrange some Artificial Dancing Grass Stems in the Blue Bubble Hand Blown Glass Vase. It’s an elegant yet colorful way of giving life to any bedroom, living room, or office space. For even a bit more color and a fun take on what otherwise can be a traditional placement, arrange some yellow Silk Gaura Flower Stems along with the Dancing Grass Stems for a balance of color and texture.

Artificial Dancing Grass Stem