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The Icing On The Cake For Garden

August 06 2019 – Rustic Reach

The Icing On The Cake For Garden
The Icing On The Cake For Garden
A lot of people were dreaming having a secret garden when they were just a kid, where they can plant the flowers and grass as they like. But only flowers and grass are not enough for a perfect garden and it is necessary to match with other accessories at the same time.

The garden that designed and cultivated by our own will be much charming and it will be perceived as a fulfilling experience as well.  But before all the other design and planning, what is essential is one set of tools. We think the pruning shears, shovel and pinchers that a series of the garden tools are the most basic preparation because we know that to do good work must first sharpen his tools. With them, planning will become an easy job.
Rustic Style Pruning Shears and Tools
In view of garden, we divide it as two types, one is the balcony garden and the other one is the yard garden. The accessories for them are different. For balcony garden, as the space is limited, it is better to decorate it with hanging plant. Verdant green plant is hung on wall and the potted plant can be received very well, which also saves much space for the ground. The pouring vine can give the balcony infinite vitality. The wooden fence together with the white hanging basket reveals elegant and comfortable charm. Then put some simple plants to decorate it and a cozy balcony will be made. The combination of hook and fence will be a good match for the corner of balcony garden. Especially the hanging plants stand with hook, which can adjust its height, so that you can hang some small pot plant and delicate decorative items. Along with these, the small corner of the balcony becomes vivid immediately. The garden type decoration makes the narrow and long small balcony look brand-new. At this moment, we just want to escape the city temporarily and enjoy the peace of the heart.
Metal Hanging Plant Stand with Hook Adjustable Height
Regarding the yard garden, it is much bigger and with much space, so that we can have more freedom to decorate it with larger items. The combination of flower rack and storage rack is for gathering. Also, the flowerpots are put at random with extremely strong sense of spatial hierarchy by using the racks. Besides, a layer of cobblestones in the cracks of the ground adds a strong natural flavor. If you think cobblestones are not easy to get, you can use a straw mat instead and place it at the entrance of the garden, so that soles can keep clean and the straw style mat is full of natural feeling, which is a perfect match to garden. Along the edge, you can place several iron fences and twined them with vines, just like beautiful scenery. Make plentiful bloomers hang on both sides of the adornment door of primitive style; it will appear unique and beautiful. The garden is a relaxing place for us to have a rest, so it is necessary to place a bench, either the white color or wooden color, going well with the colorful flowers. Just image that waking up from sleeping, sitting on the bench, have a cup of strong coffee or light tea, enjoy the sun and the silence of the afternoon. What a great time it is!
Organic Natural Straw Door Mat
No matter how small or how big the garden it is, it can be an excellent place for us to feel the beauty of nature, enjoy the peace of heart and recall the happiness of past. If with suitable decorative accessories, it will be the icing on the cake.