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The Appliance of Pottery and Mirror Indoor

July 29 2019 – Rustic Reach

The Appliance of Pottery and Mirror Indoor
The Appliance of Pottery and Mirror Indoor
Household environment is the area that family members receive a visitor, have a rest and communicate. However, modern furniture and household appliances are mostly composed of metal, plastic and glass materials, which are with strong industrial atmosphere and they give a sense of monotony and tension both visually and psychologically. According to interior furniture, floor, wall and the combination of home appliances, it is better to add a few modern handmade potteries appropriately. The trace of the person and natural aesthetic feeling blend into the indoor environment, which can greatly alleviate the visual and psychological monotonous tension feeling and add a relaxing and natural visual atmosphere to the indoor.

The fusion of modern ceramic decoration and modern household style is a great choice. The cultural taste and the decorativeness of pottery can affect household environmental atmosphere directly, appearing to be more cultural, high-grade and elegant. We should base on the environment and atmosphere to collocate them. The modern ceramic vessels should strengthen the indoor overall artistic atmosphere and the cultural characteristics. According to different household design style, we choose pottery correspondingly, so as to coordinate the whole atmosphere and pottery style. For example, the antique coarse pottery is good for the retro-styled house while the binglie glazed pottery is matched with modern decorative style.
Antique Coarse Pottery Large Flower Pot

The indoor wall is an important place for ceramic decoration. Pottery on wall cooperate with furniture forming contrast between the coarse of the mud itself and the metallic material of home appliance. The natural material language with the manual mark can be visually contrasted and complementary with the clean and cold mechanical language of industry, thus forming a bright spot in the visual form of decoration. Ceramic on wall applies the function of adornment; it still can reduce the noise, absorb sound and prevent radiation. So it can create a more beautiful and healthier environment by the ceramic decoration on wall in bedroom and living room.
Turquoise Ceramic Vase
Besides, thinking of wall hanging decoration, mirror is an excellence choice. A lot of people still stay to the utility of the mirror on its most primitive function foundation that is arranging dress before going out and dressing up, but it appears to have distinctive adornment effect on household adornment. Mirror modeling is more diverse and it is the outstanding item in household adornment absolutely. It is better to choose the mirror with stronger adornment characteristic, collocating with indoor furniture in order to present the high-end quality of the space. Mirror also has other important function that is using the reflection principle of mirrors, sufficient light from other spaces can be introduced into some dark rooms, which can enhance the brightness of the whole space.
Decorative Mirror French Palace Style Carving Frame Wall Mirror
Bedroom environment is the place that the person has a rest, so setting needs to combine the furniture such as bed, wardrobe and desk. Pottery adornment can be bedside lamps and lanterns, wall decoration and tabletop utensils. In the ceramic art, it can be the abstract content, the simple modeling and soothing visual form. Color and shape should be in harmony with the environment, trying to render a relaxing and warm atmosphere, to fully consider the needs of the spirit when having rest. The modeling and adornment of the ceramic pottery should be concise and clean, so we can choose the porcelaneous implements to display and create a peaceful living atmosphere through the delicate texture of porcelain, clean simple glaze and soft lighting.

Above all, as long as giving all-directional consideration on integral effect and cultural grade, mastering the connection and rule between living environment and the pottery art implement, such scientific idea will unify environment and pottery very well and develop the biggest artistic effect.