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Red Color, Your New Year House Setting’s Best Choice

January 25 2019 – Rustic Reach

Red Color, Your New Year House Setting’s Best Choice
Red Color, Your New Year House Setting’s Best Choice

Red Color, Your New Year House Setting’s Best Choice

Welcome to the New Year! No matter how you feel in the last year, in 2019, you should begin with happiness and good luck!

The Red Color & Chinese Spring Festival

In the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, people enjoy the red colors, especially the true red--you know, almost the same as the Dior999 red, which is used only by the most powerful people in the old days. The red color is so fascinating that it is a symbol of boom and good luck in China for a long time ago. Nowadays, we still like to wear red clothes during the Spring Festivals and we love to decorate our house with red-colored decorations and furniture.

People prefer red accessories, such as the red handbags, red clothes, red shoes, and red scarfs, etc. Besides, to welcome the special day, some household accessories are also suggested to be prepared with the red things! It’s very beautiful and eye-catching if you put some heart on the decorating.

As we know, the color is not suit for every room, for examples, the red bedroom gives a so strong visual impact that it may affect people’s sleep, and the red kitchen looks like in a mess, etc. Therefore, if you want to add some red elements to your house, your living room is probably a nice choice, especially when in winter, it does not only add some good luck and happiness, the enthusiastic color will bring about some warmth and fragrance to the house. So how can we use the red color to embellish the living room and still stay fashionable? Very simple, just need three tips to get it!

Tip One: Draw an "Exquisite Look" To The Wall

Don't think that decorating the wall is simply brushing the wall into the red. The large area of red is more likely to make the overall feeling cheesy, so we only need to add a little red element on the wall.

The simpler method is to design a lovely photo wall. You can select some photo frames in red color as part of the embellishments. But be careful not to use the red photo frame in a large area, just need a little red for decoration. Here are some useful tricks on the way you put your photo frames. Don't put it in a dull and too neat way. The uniform shape makes the whole look too stiff. Try asymmetrical modeling. It’s not an easy work to make it perfect but if you put some hearts on it, I am sure that you will gain a super lovely hall!

By the way, some red decorations such as the artificial flowers or some other hangings will be the other good choices.

Decorating Your Furniture

Tip Two: Decorating Your Furniture

The furniture in your house has a great effect on the whole atmosphere. With the coming of the new year, people in China would like to make their house to be neater and more festive. Some people will change their sofa to red color in order to celebrate the Spring Festival because the red color means good luck and prosperity, and we all wish a fortunate begin in the new year. It’s not uneasy to match the red sofa with your house for a large percent of the wall in your house might be in white, which can go very concordant with the red sofa. And If the wall of the home is dominated by dark colors, then the red furniture can play a role in brightening the overall tone of the house.

Tip Three: Manage Your Table Setting Flowers

If you have not enough budget for it or you don’t want to change the furniture in your house merely for a festival, simply make use of the carpets and sofa covers and the other red furniture pieces, such as the chairs and the table settings, etc. When it comes to accessories, flowers are undoubtedly an easy-matching selection, and the bright colors can subtly change the overall atmosphere. If you plan to decorate your house with flowers, you may start thinking about what flowers to be selected for your preference. There are still many red flowers in the winter, such as plum blossom, camellia, tiger plum, tulip, poinsettia, wood hibiscus, tangerine, peony, canna, thorn, etc., just select the ones according to your personal preferences. And if you don’t want to spend too much time managing the fresh flowers, the artificial flowers will be your good choice. Seeing the artificial flowers pictures online, you will find that no matter the whole looks or the making materials, it’s so real and the flower blossoms are almost more perfect than the real fresh flowers because the designs of the flowers are based on the most beautiful flowers. And now you can easily order the designed artificial flowers with unique pot/vase, which will definitely surprise you with their attractive looks.

You can choose the red flowers such as the red orchid bunch, the red Margaret flower stem, the succulent stem set in red, the bougainvillea flower stem and the red roses. Different flowers have their own special charms, and if you enjoy the fruits that stand for the harvest and prosperity, then the Apple Pomegranate Bouquet, the Fruit Faux Raspberry Fruit Stem Set, and the Red Holly Stem, Artificial Berry Fruit Stem in Yellow Red, etc., will be your good choices!

Margaret flower artificial flower silk flower

Red Pomegranate artificial fruits

The truth red color is an amazing color that it brings luck and enthusiasm to people. When you look at the color, you feel the fiery power comes from the color and it cures all your pains in the past, and it brings you courage and hope for the future. We should never forget the beauty of our lives and we should put more heart to manage our real life. That’s why we love the true red color so much. Hope you will like it, too.