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Living Coral 16-1546 - Pantone color of year 2019

January 03 2019 – Rustic Reach

Living Coral 16-1546 - Pantone color of year 2019
Living Coral 16-1546 - Pantone color of year 2019


Living Coral 16-1546 - Pantone color of year 2019

At the end of year 2018, finally we get to know the pantone color of year 2019. The pantone color institute declared Living Coral-Pantone 16-1546 as the 2019 year color a few days ago. This color comes from the living coral in seabed, so it is a color of the nature.

It is described like this "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge".
Pantone Color of the Year 2019

We retain energy from nature just like coral reef provides the food resource and shelter for sea creatures. Living coral embraces us with warmth and nutrition, providing us comfortable enjoyment and floatage in the changeable environment.

Executive director of the Pantone color institute Leatrice Eiseman says: "Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial PANTONE Living Coral hit a responsive chord."

Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.

Among buildings, we have to mention the red wall apartment of La Muralla Roja. This building is set in Calpe town, Spain which was designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968. Ricardo Bofill painted some part wall to be totally living coral color and it is a special design relieved against the blue sky, showing a dreaming and fresh feeling.  

Besides the outside building, how shall we design inside house with this color? This time I will show you how to apply this charming color to match the house completely in order to welcome year 2019 and acquire a completely new outlook and a romantic feeling.

Firstly, let’s match Living Coral with grey color.

As Living Coral itself is very eye-attractive, it is not suitable to match it with other too bright colors. It is a wise choice to match it with the low-key grey. The quite grey and the jumpy Living Coral become the integration of motion and stillness, which will make the space layer clear and bright. The different taken proportion for Living Coral and grey will give us a variety of feelings.

Iron Planter Hanging Planter Wall Planter

Then we come to Living Coral with green color.

Green with Living Coral will look high-class. The dark green with full-bodied picture style and restoring ancient ways always gives a person a kind of low-key and composed sense. The show up of Living Coral is just like the finishing touch to avoid the overall dark feeling, restoring ancient style but vivid.

Matcha green is very fresh and soft, when it is matched with Living Coral, it can add interest and show another combination of movement and static at the same time.

Carry Pot Metal Flower Pot

Thirdly, it is about the Living Coral and blue color.

Blue and coral orange are a classic combination of contrasting colors. It is better to use the less bright blue color. The mysterious blue with the swank Living Coral can have collision to generate a kind of distinctive temperament, and make the whole space appear very elegant and generous.

The jump of coral orange is pressed by the depressed blue, not only do not appear dazzling abrupt, but very peaceful and natural instead. It arises at the right moment, avoiding the effect that single Living Coral may exert itself too much.

These two different color series collocation presents a surprising sense effect. In the home you a can choose Living Coral small furniture and small decorative items to create a space full of enthusiasm and surprise. At the same time put the blue furniture in relatively large area can let you feel outstanding, mysterious and unique.

In addition to making blue in the large scale with Living Coral, when we don’t want to make big change, we can make decoration on the house small items which can also make space more colorful, such as lavender and king protea. When building integral atmosphere, curtain and sofa echo with Living Coral, making the blue pillow as the best line also is extremely wonderful.
King Protea Flower Artificial Flower

Fourthly, we talk about matching Living Coral with white color.

We can collocate the simple white with Living Coral, you will find that they look more loyal and elegant visually. Even applying large scale Living Coral with white collocation and ornament, it also can have different pure and fresh feeling. The large area of white makes the soft and beautiful feeling of Living Coral infinitely magnified which eliminates the monotony of white and stimulates the original attribute of Living Coral: enthusiasm.

If we change the primary color to white and make Living Coral as adjunctive color and intersperse color, it also can add some jumpy emotional feelings. Of course, we cannot miss the collocation of white flowers with Living Coral flowers. It can produce the sense of exotic style, making you feel as if you were living in foreign land. Anyway, if you do not like the warm color in large area, how about making the using area smaller? We can apply some Living Coral items, such as sofa, pillow and tea table, etc. It will make the overall house look warmer and full of life breath.

White Flower Artificial Orchid White Orchid

 White Lavender Artificial Lavender

Lastly, how about making Living Coral and wooden color come together?

Someone may worry whether wooden color can match Living Coral or not. In fact, wooden color is omnipotent. They go together can have a special elegant feeling. It is a good choice to have wooden color furniture on Living Coral carpet or floor tiles and it will looks steady but vibrant. Besides, when it is collocate with the light wooden color, there will be another different atmosphere. It is really graceful to apply light wooden wall paper and Living Coral decoration. Normally, in a house with white as primary color, putting the Living Coral sofa with wooden tea table and cabinet display represents a series of works of the house host.

Wood Basket Wood Crafts


With all above suggestion, have you set up your mind to decorate your house for a new year? Let us do it now!