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How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

November 19 2018 – Rustic Reach

How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table
How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table


How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

One more week to go before Thanksgiving Day in the United States this year. When it comes to the Thanksgiving Day, we can trace its origins to the beginning of American history, which is now a festival that not just influential in the United States, but also welcomed and celebrated in the rest of the world. Even though a lot of new ideas have been incorporated into Thanksgiving in other places, the American still reserve the most traditional Thanksgiving atmosphere. Now may you please mind me telling you some practical ideas about how to arrange the Thanksgiving dinner table.

To make it clear to you that it’s not a hard work on decorating the Thanksgiving dinner table, we simply follow three simple principles.


1. Nature

It is said that life needs a sense of ritual. As an important holiday, the table setting is naturally indispensable in your Thanksgiving celebrations. The most commonly used colors in the Thanksgiving table setting is orange, yellow, and gold. Since the meanings of Thanksgiving also include a thank you for the gifts of nature, many Thanksgiving table decorations will still retain the ancient traditions. For example, they usually use autumn leaves, pumpkins, pomegranates to decorate with the festive napkins, dishes and the other table decorations. Or use the essential oil to embellish the festive atmosphere. Artificial plants and flowers should be the handy and pretty decorations to be considered for your dinner table. It will never go wrong by selecting the red vine leaf stem, or the green eucalyptus stem, the orange berry vine, or the ivy league vine to go with a retro pottery vase to be one your table decorations. When you place the retro-style vase on your dinner table, you will immediately see the difference and you will surely enjoy the fruits of your creation.

Red Vine Artificial Leaf Red Leaf
Artificial Fruit Faux Berry Artificial Berry


2. Elegance

A well-arranged dining table is like a pleasant melody that foils the atmosphere of the meal and even adds flavor to the foods. In addition to the turkey and pumpkin, the Thanksgiving table setting is also very special. The housewives did not place flowers as usual, but placed fruits and vegetables. A large pumpkin is often placed in the middle, surrounded by apples, corn, and dried fruits. If you want a more elegant dinner table, some simple flower arrangements and delicate tableware are essential. Here, the golden sunflower bouquets are recommended, because the symbolic meaning of the sunflower is: optimism and courage, self-improvement, and prosperity. It also represents vitality and passion. You’ll feel very happy and satisfy when you are looking at these golden elves. Besides, you can select the faux orchid bunch or the daisy bouquets according to your like to take the place as well. If you want the table to be elegant without losing your personality, you can try to put some small pumpkins painted with some cheerful colors on your table. And some pretty candlesticks will also do a nice job on your elegant dinner table if you choose the suitable ones to go with your designs.

Glass Art Table Decoration Pumpkin Decoration


3. DIY

Make your own Thanksgiving Day. You can put a row of small and simple decorations, such as a few candles, a few oranges, loquats, thorn pears and pomegranates on the table, and some leaves, pine cones, artichoke etc., or put a few small pumpkins. Besides, you can prepare some elaborate cards for the guests so that they can feel your intimacy and care. Or use the specially designed candlestick and a scented candle that exudes a charming atmosphere to show the host's thoughtfulness. By the way, choosing a nice tablecloth makes it easier to upgrade your table setting. Traditionally, a lace tablecloth and a checked pattern tablecloth will never go wrong, so just pick up the color you love for your table. 

Artificial Fruits Kitchen Decor Table Decor


Why are people willing to spend more time on the setting of the Thanksgiving table?

Usually, the hostess will invite the guests to the living room after dinner, but not on Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving dinner is always warm and fragrant. Everyone is willing to stay at the dinner table for a little while. They eat delicious foods and recall the sweet or interesting memories in the past until the last candle burns out. That’s the time they will leave the lovely table.


Not Just The Table

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of happiness and harvest, a day of family reunion, and a time for friendship. After dinner, most of the celebrating families will have some traditional games that do not happened on the dinner table. In order to cater to the warm and festive atmosphere, it is best not to arrange only the dinner table, but to arrange the entire house. Some fruit branches can be hung on the wall, and a few pots of artificial plants can be placed in the corner. It is best to have some branches and fruits that symbolize the harvest in your decorations, such as apples, persimmons, and pomegranates. Or put some glass candlesticks and traditional pumpkin ornaments to make people feel the great Thanksgiving sense.

Candle Holder Ceramic Candle Holder


Thanksgiving is not just a traditional festival, but also a continuation and transmission of the faith. It is a yearning and gratitude for a better life. I sincerely hope that everyone will feel cozier and happier in such a fantastic day!