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Christmas Decorations

December 02 2018 – Rustic Reach

Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations


Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming and you must have being planning the topic dinner party with warm red wine, sweet cakes, fragrant roast turkey…Before arranging the delicious meal, shouldn’t we decorate our home well? In order to have more festal atmosphere, have the joy of Christmas and let home become more emotional appeal, let’s decorate every corner of our home with family now!

Firstly, begin with the decoration of outside door.

Do Christmas decoration, we must not ignore the house outdoor decoration. The whole family holiday atmosphere starts from the door, not only pleasing to the eye, but also can bring happiness to others who pass by.

Rattan Wreath Christmas Wreath

The person that has a courtyard can hang Christmas wreath such as Wreath Spring Green on Rattan or Wreath Pink Hydrangea White Rose on Rattan, which is similar but not the same, and Christmas cane on courtyard door. Those who do not have a courtyard also can make decorations on the door by hanging a Christmas annulus, a few branches like willows branches, adding some Christmas balls, a few strings of Christmas small lights. A simple and delicate outdoor Christmas is finished decorated. 

Secondly, it is about the indoor decoration.

In addition to the layout of the outdoor, the indoor layout needs more elaborate design. Living room, kitchen, dining table and bedroom, none of them can lack of Christmas atmosphere.

The sitting room is the core place in a whole house and also it is the place that receives a guest, so it should have an emphatically layout! The main colors that Christmas gives impression on a person is white and red. The white snowflake is very romantic while the red color has a warmly festival feeling. In that case, the indoor decorations should be in white as well as in red. However, it is difficult to keep snow in house, so we suggest spreading white blanket, which can not only keep warm, but also give a festal romantic feeling.

Candle Holder Lantern Candle

We can hang some LED lights and Metal Lantern Candle Holder on the roof or house pillars. When night falls, we turn on the lights and light up the candles in holders, how warm and romantic it will look!

A white wall without any wallpapers but decorated only a TV is breathing quietly. Gaudy or something just stick on also really indecent. Thinking what are the typical holiday decorations? We can find Christmas lights and tree branches. We can pick up some dead twigs joining together into some shapes, then hang up the lights as adornment, which also is very beautiful. If wan to save time, we can buy the natural Rattan vine Bundle or the Willow Small Berry Wreath in Green and Red directly. The natural log color and white match perfectly.

Wicker Ball

It is good looking to hang some Christmas decorations on the ceiling, such as snowflakes, willow wicker balls, snowmen, crystal balls and so on.

Moreover, colorful paper lanterns with waves of tassels are good decorations and golden color can create a Christmas party atmosphere mostly.

If have floors, we can tie some Christmas bells or rattan at the handrail of the stairs, it will let us feel warmer.

Regarding the Christmas tree, everyone can make choice at will. If you have a special loving for white, you can try the white Christmas tree, which is very special and refreshing and it has a natural sense of elegance from heaven. Put a White Textured Porcelain Ceramic Jar with Blue Kou Li Stem under the tree will show a more elegance atmosphere.

Artificial Fruits Christmas Decoration

Last but not the least, it is the music. No matter how pretty we decorate, without music, it seems our Christmas is not completed. We cannot underestimate the role music plays as it can bring us more pleasant holiday atmosphere. So when everything is ready, we can play some Christmas songs on Christmas day at home to express our feelings.

Then we come to the decorations for kitchen.

The kitchen is the place that prepares Christmas dinner, how can we miss making Christmas decoration for it! But we don’t need to spend much time on it as a few small adornments can let kitchen full of Christmas atmosphere. Candles are the items that most exaggerate atmospheric for Christmas and we need a beautiful candlestick holder to improve its artistic conception. Kitchenware also celebrates Christmas by the way of hanging pine cones on bottles and decorating cabinet doorknobs. Turn the fridge into snow man who cater to the Christmas spirit and make opening the fridge into a treat every day.

Lastly, we decide the personal decorations for bedrooms.

If want to have a complete Christmas, of course, we cannot let go even the last minute! When lie in bed, we still can feel the Christmas atmosphere, is there a full of happiness? So the Christmas adornment of the bedroom also cannot be overlooked.

Lights play a very important role. Put lights in shape of moon and stars above the bed will show a completed different but fantastic view. Besides, we can put some flowers on the table next the bed. There are many various options in different styles such as potted flower mini Orchid, dry white flower in glass bottle and desktop topiary double ball. All are beautiful and can bright up the room. Regarding the adornment of door window, we can use the Christmas gush snow for it, because it gush the chromatic design and character in the effect of snowflakes. In addition, put some knick-knacks and colored balls on the windowsill to add little emotional appeal and to make the room more vivid. Just image, what an excellent view we can see when open the room door!

Artificial Orchid Red Orchid

With all these decorations, the entire house along with the kitchen and bedrooms are full of Christmas feeling. What we do next is just waiting for Christmas’ coming with great anticipation and enjoying our holiday!!