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Benefits & Advantages of Having Faux Plants

August 13 2020 – Rustic Reach

Benefits & Advantages of Having Faux Plants
Benefits & Advantages of Having Faux Plants

With “Plant Parent” being one of the coolest titles to have as of late, it’s easy to want to fit into that category. However, it’s a slippery slope once you start growing your collection because you can never stop at just one plant. Before you realize it, your home is a garden with plants having different watering cycles, lighting needs, and soil demands. Soon, you’re a stay-at-home parent trying to keep all your babies alive.

Faux plants can take all the stress of having plants away while leaving the aesthetic. Artificial plant options at Rustic Reach will give you your desired look without breaking the bank and looking as real as can be.

There are many benefits and advantages to having faux plants, so check out this list for some explanation.

They Promote Happiness

Plants can take you to another world even by just stepping through your front door. If you are in need of a getaway but just can’t find the time or money, incorporating some plants that are native to your desired destination can help you feel closer to the area. The Potted Plant Artificial Turtle Leaf Plant, for example, can accentuate any bedroom or living room, helping you feel like you’re in a tropical island in the middle of your city.

Potted Plant Artificial Turtle Leaf Plant

They’re Just as Beautiful to Hit Your Aesthetic

When you don’t go incredibly cheap on faux plants, they can look as real as living plants do. They mimic shadings, highlights, and even textures that makes you feel like you’re living among nature. Faux plants can also help you fit your aesthetic easily. If you want to feel like you’re entering a tropical getaway, purchase the Artificial Travelers Palm Tree from Rustic Reach. If you want to feel like you’re entering a vineyard in Italy, buy a faux lemon tree to put in your corner. The options are endless and always beautiful.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree

They’re Way Cheaper

Not only are faux plants generally cheaper to buy than living alternatives, the lack of upkeep makes them exponentially more inexpensive, as well. Without having to purchase soil, fertilizer, and water drips, your faux plants can live on beautifully for as long as you want them. Snake plants, for example, can be very finicky when living, so the Potted Artificial Snake Plant Black Green Leaf option at Rustic Reach will bring you the trend without the stress.

Artificial Snake Plant Black Green Leaf

They’re Easy to Clean

If the only upkeep you for your plant is some dusting, you know that you chose ease over hassle, which only faux plants can bring. Even though artificial fauna doesn’t need the constant care living plants require, they still need some love every couple of months by needing a good dusting. Because they’re as stagnant as books on your shelf, they tend to collect some allergen particles, but the beauty of it all is that it takes two seconds to give them a good wipe down and be on your way. The Artificial Large Potted Agave Plant from Rustic Reach is perfect for any desk or shelf, and it is exponentially easier to clean than any living plant. Wipe down the pot and the plant itself for a minute and you’re set.

Artificial Large Potted Agave Plant

We hope these plants can help brighten up your home and life without any added stress.