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5 Ways Green Plants Enhance Your Home

August 13 2020 – Rustic Reach

5 Ways Green Plants Enhance Your Home
5 Ways Green Plants Enhance Your Home

Plants have been all the talk these past few years as far as trendiness in regard to home décor goes. They’ve hit every Pinterest board, Instagram feed, and Facebook hack video. They line the windows of grocers, begging to be bought by any passerby. As much as plants have evolved, they’re now evolving spaces too.

There are many positive features to decorating your home with plants, living or faux. While living plants can have air-purifying properties, their upkeep isn’t suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. This is where faux plants come in and seal the deal for a lot of skeptics. Rustic Reach’s faux fauna looks just as authentic as living plants for half the price and none of the upkeep. There’s no need to worry about lighting, a watering cycle, or soil properties. All they need is to be bought and put wherever you’d like.

But while faux plants might not have all the healing properties living plants provide, they still enhance a home in more ways than one.


Invigorate with Color

Green is the universal symbol for “go.” When you see the color green, subconsciously you’re tied to wanting to move, help, and activate your energy. When you surround yourself with green fauna, every morning, you’ll want to wake up and tackle whatever your day has in store. Even adding something as small as an artificial coral moss bunch could help your day kickstart.

Artificial Coral Moss Bunch

Reminder for Care

When you look at a living plant, you most likely see a mental checklist. Did you water it? Is it receiving enough sunlight? Does its soil need fertilizer? When you have faux plants around you, they will still remind you of care, but this time, for yourself. You’ll ask the same questions, but inward toward your own needs. Did you drink water? Are you getting outside enough? Do you need food? Putting an artificial kwai leaf bundle stem in your kitchen can help with this gentle reminder.

Artificial Kwai Leaf Bundle 

One with Nature

If you’re working from home in this pandemic environment, you’re likely not getting outside as much as you’re used to. While it’s good to go on a walk to boost your fresh air intake and help your mental health, there are other ways to make you feel outdoors. To help, adding plants like the artificial Siwu grass stem to your home can help you feel one with nature and keep your day grounded.

Artificial Siwu Grass Stem

Lively Home

If your home needs a pick-me-up, adding plants to it can do just the trick. Do you have a bare corner? Add an artificial palm plant. Do you have a shelf that could use some love? Wrap a begonia leaf hanging vine around its items for another design element. It will help bring your home to life without incorporating anything living.

Begonia Leaf Hanging Vine

Trendy Decoration Item

Plain and simple, plants are the hottest decoration item of the decade. Add as many or as little to your space to feel like you’re living the Pinterest dream. You can decorate kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, bedroom shelves, and so many more places. Getting a mix of plants like something as large as a lemon tree or as small as a greenery cyathea leaf stem can create different impressions.

Greenery Cyathea Leaf Stem

Have fun decorating your home!