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5 Ways to Bring Love and Strength into Your Home with Orchids

May 02 2020 – Rustic Reach

5 Ways to Bring Love and Strength into Your Home with Orchids
5 Ways to Bring Love and Strength into Your Home with Orchids

Orchids enhance positive energies in your home, as they are a universal symbol for love, strength, beauty and grace. Simply decorating your home with this fauna can radiate the traits into your day. Past their beautiful coloring and whimsical structures, these flowers are more unique than the traditional florae generally found in a house, such as tulips, roses, daisies and wildflowers, adding another layer of individuality.

Artificial orchids found at Rustic Reach are perfect for anyone looking to bring some livelihood into their homes without having to worry about watering. Anyone can have a greenhouse look without having a green thumb with these orchid decorations.

Pink Potted Orchid

Are you looking for something dainty while adding a pop of coloring to a bookshelf or side table? Do you need to dress up your monochromatic bathroom with something fun? This pink potted orchid has a soft disposition while also adding something fun to your room. Whether you want to add it to a collection of plants or let it stand on its own, it complements any space.

Green Orchid Stem

A green orchid stem can do just the trick to add the plant to any floral arrangement, whether it’s in a vase or possibly wrapped into a self-crafted wreath. You can add as many or as little stems as you like, and you can even mix and match your stems with the peach orchid stems to balance a pop of color with a grounding green.

Mini Real Touch Potted Orchid

Purple Potted Plant

Do you love the structure of a traditional orchid plant? With its curved nature that seems to stand against gravity, the unique shape of this flower adds a fun element of design to any room, which you can find in this purple option. Being that orchids are generally a pricier plant, having an artificial version will save your wallet some money while also saving you the stress of worrying whether you might kill it or not.

Artificial Purple Orchid

Peach Orchid Stem

 If you want the look of an orchid but prefer to put it in a vase than a pot, adding some peach orchid stems to your home could do just the trick. Dainty yet vibrant, these artificial plant additions can add something unique to any floral arrangement. Dress your arrangement with this item, in addition to some asparagus fern stems, baby’s breath, and kou li stems.

Real Touch Orchid

Green or White Orchid Plant

For a classic, neutral touch of orchid, a standard orchid plant would act as a pleasant addition to your home. Set in a planter with a unique, geometric configuration, this décor piece adds an interesting design element to bring in that element of individuality. Remember, even while remaining timeless, you can still add eccentricity in small details.

Artificial Flower Real Touch Orchid Plant

Add some orchids to your home for a pop of color or individuality this season, while also inviting the notions of strength, beauty, love, and grace in your home. This plant is the gift that keeps on giving.