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5 Decorative Vines and the Seasons They Represent

February 14 2021 – Hoson Xiao

5 Decorative Vines and the Seasons They Represent
5 Decorative Vines and the Seasons They Represent

As 2021 brings in new challenges and opportunities, it will also continue to bring new life, whether it be through New Year’s resolutions or new Netflix shows to binge, bringing in some color and foliage could never hurt. Whether it be flowers, succulents, or even a Zen garden, there’s nothing that shows abundance and life-like vines.

As we continue to air out the year behind us, it’s almost like therapy when we shower our lives with long, rich colors in our households. With each new season, there’s always something new to bring into our lives and homes. From the bold colors of Spring to the warm lush colors of Autumn, Rustic Reach has all the vines and flowers needed to continue the year, along with bringing all the right vibes necessary for any dinner or cocktail hour with your closest friends and family.

Here are five decorative vines and the mood they’ll ring each season in.

Beginning of The Year (Late Winter)

As a symbol of everlasting love, as well as flowers used in weddings, Baby's Breath Vine can be used as a means to bring new energy into any environment. Even though it’s smaller in nature and brings a more petite flavor to a room’s color palette, it is definitely a great gesture to any room. As many great things have small beginnings, this vine will surely enhance the beauty of new beginnings to any dining room, entrance, or open porch.

Artificial Colorful Baby's-Breath Vine Stem


Coming from the harshness of the winter to the new life that is Spring, creating a mood that reflects that newness can sometimes be tricky. While it is no easy or simple task, we’re sure that the White or Yellow Rose Vine can serve your home splendidly. Bringing in contrast to any room can be a staple of a duality that only Spring brings. The beautiful white and yellow colors project “out with the old and in the new.” The yellow brightens the mood, while the white can make any wall or room more romantic in nature. This vine can best be served if hung on a wall or window to give subtle, welcoming gestures to all guests entering your cozy home.

Artificial Rose Single Vine


Keeping the mood up from the Spring is always a nice continuation of the energy the universe brings to our lives and homes. The Sunflower Vine is a great décor option for those wanting to channel a unique mood as it equally gives to oneself as it does to others, much like the sun. As the sun acts out of abundance, so do we with our love and family. While quite common in exterior settings, using this beautiful Sunflower vine can bring warmth to any room or hallway and is a perfect way of enjoying summer gatherings.

Artificial Sunflower Vine


After the long summer brings festivities, gatherings, and more, it’s always nice to wind down with the mood that Autumn brings. In many cultures, when the harvests change, so do homes to match the mood. The Pink Rose Vine is a great reflection for the energy that focuses on change as it brings the notion of a flower, but in a different light, one that allows us to let go of control. Perching this Pink Rose in places not often used can be a gentle reminder of the change in front of us, but also in our past.

Artificial Rose Branch Vine

End of the Year (Early Winter)

Entering the beginning of the end of any year can often times bring reflection. When we look at the year behind us, it’s always the little things that can keep a smile on our faces. The White Sunflower Vine is the perfect décor item for anyone wanting to change the mood of a room with subtlety and love. As a symbol of romance, we can use this beautiful vine to remind ourselves and our guests of the work we’ve done within the year that should bring us pride and peace.

Artificial White Sunflower Vine