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5 Decorative Plants and the Energies They Manifest for the New Year

February 14 2021 – Hoson Xiao

5 Decorative Plants and the Energies They Manifest for the New Year
5 Decorative Plants and the Energies They Manifest for the New Year

With the whirlwind everyone had to deal with in 2020, it’s not a surprise that people are ready to bring in the new year with joy and new energy. As manifesting has popped up all over social media and friends alike, taking January by stride is the most important part of making the new year all you desire and more.

Airing out old habits, troubles, and energies is key in making the most out of 2021. Having proper aim at our intentions is what really starts making the magic of good energy happen, and there is nothing more important than setting ourselves up in an environment that resonates with our intentions. Choosing the right décor, plants, and vibes is all key to truly making our space our own, and Rustic Reach has all the goodies to start your energy manifestation off right.

Here are five decorative plants and the energy they manifest to start your 2021 just right.


The free-flowing energy of gratitude spreads everywhere and uses up what needs and nothing it doesn’t. Once we find ourselves finding and channeling this energy, we can imitate the nature of the Asparagus Fern Vine Stem and how it can cover so much space yet not overwhelm. Whether used as a centerpiece or on a wall, you can easily have this asparagus fern help you channel the gratitude needed to make each day a better one than the last.

Asparagus Fern Vine Stem


Once abundance is found and manifested, it continues to do the job for you. Ever-reaching and lush, much like the Artificial Plant Fatsia Leaf Vines, it will continue to envelop your space while continuing to add and ever take value from the energy and space it’s in. This plant does great in spaces that both want to conceal and reveal, as the energy of abundance always does.

Artificial Plant Fatsia Leaf Vines


While seemingly small and not keen on drawing attention to itself, patience is an interesting type of energy. It doesn’t shy away from the tough problems at bay and will always be there, no matter how small it might seem. The Artificial Hanging Waterfall Succulent is a great décor option for those wanting to channel unique energy as it equally gives to oneself as it does to others. Perfect for adding a subtle nuance to any space, it perfectly gives an air and energy that very few usually do.

Artificial Hanging Waterfall Succulent


Sometimes overlooked by the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we forget to enjoy the simple things in our lives and the manifesting power that brings us. Whether it’s just enjoying the sunset, taking a nap right after binging your favorite Netflix show, or taking a moment after yoga relishing in the energy of simplicity can be rewarding. The Pearl Hanging Succulent Stem is a great reflection of the energy that focuses on simplicity as it simply is what it is and enjoys itself.

Pearl Hanging Succulent Stem


Being strong and resilient, Joy is one of the strongest energies. From youth to adulthood, we all know what Joy is and constantly look for it in all forms. The Begonia Leaf Hanging Vine is the perfect décor item for those wanting to focus on this universal energy as it fills the room with various colors and life.

Begonia Leaf Hanging Vine