Real Touch Orchid Short Stem in Red and Purple 13" Tall


Velvet Red
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      Artificial Flower - Handmade Real Touch Flower Stem



      DIMENSIONS & Number of Flowers

      3.5" W X 12.6" Tall, 3 orchid flower per stem


      Silk Cloth, Latex Coated, Plastic, Other

      This material can be rinsed with water


      Purple, Velvet Red

      When refer to spring, we can imagine that the world is full of beautiful flowers and filled with life. This kind of product, real touch orchid short stem in red and purple gives you a strong sense of color. Red and purple are bright colors. Bright color is young people’s pursuit. Therefore, if you want to give something bright to your common life, this kind of product is your best choice. It is high in quality and vivid in shape with strict and rigorous process. All the petals are made of high quality fabric. With exquisite workmanship, it looks vibrant and its texture is clear. In addition, The growth of real orchid is strict with the environmental conditions. But with this kind of flower, we don’t need to spend a lot of time on taking care of them. We do not need to fertilize, deworm or water. Many people like orchid because of its characteristics, the tenacious and selfless dedication. Putting a bottle of orchid in your living room or somewhere else in your house, can create a sense of nature beauty. A gust of wind swept through, then dancing orchid, like a butterfly, like stretching her body.


      Product ships out within 48 business hours of receiving order; Ships to United States, Canada and the rest of the world; Ships via USPS, UPS or FedEx; Ships as small parcel

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    • Variant: Purple / One Stem
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