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Artificial Flower Bouquet Spring Daisy Greenery Mix 24" Tall

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Artificial Flower - Handmade Flower Bouquet


Daisy, Greenery Plants, Others


14.6" W X 23.6" H; 1.1 lb

Please note that each bouquet is hand crafted by florist, slight difference in shape and size exist between photo and actual product 


Silk Cloth, Plastic, PE, PU


Green, White, Mixed Colors

The leaves of daisies are spatulate and rosette. Its growth is dense and low. The appearance of primitive simplicity with random arrangement shows a beautiful view to people. The flowers are small and delicate with harmonious colors, which has the expected of a gentleman and childlike style and it is deep the Italian people loved and help up as national flower. The flower language of the Daisy is innocence, peace, hope, pure beauty and deep love in the heart. Daisies have been used to divine love in western countries since ancient times. Peel off the petals of the Daisy piece by piece, and say in your heart: love me, do not love me until the last piece of petals that is on behalf of the lover's mind. Another way of divining marriage is that if you want to know when you will get married, just pick up a bunch of flowers and see how many daisies there are. The number of daisies is the number of years from the wedding day. No matter it is true or not, it is placed our hope for love and dreams of the future. Put a bouquet of spring daisy never withered in room which can imply your forever love.


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