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Artificial Silk Bouquet Country Flowers 20" Tall Purple

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Faux Silk Artificial Flower - Handmade Flower Bouquet


Daisy, Greenery Plants, Others


13.8" W X 19.7" H; 1.3 lb

Please note that each bouquet is hand crafted by florist, slight difference in shape and size exist between photo and actual product 


Silk Cloth, Plastic, PE, PU


Purple, Green, Mixed Colors

Thinking about replacing the flowers placed at home? You must have chosen romantic roses, fragrant lilies, or generous sunflowers. These beautiful flowers are often the first choice of people. What I want to recommend today is the most common flowers in the field. Whenever you walk in the fields, the breeze blows, the grass and the wild flowers sway gently with the wind, the air is fresh. At this time, you will find that the usually inconspicuous wildflowers are particularly cute. Take a variety of small wild flowers to make a bouquet, and then take it home and when you’re looking at it, you seem to bring the whole field home. In the modern society, people are busy with life and work, and there is not much time to walk out of the fields and experience the freshness and comfort of nature. We have selected some lovely wild daisies and green weeds to make artificial bouquets, so that you can experience the fragrance of the field at home. Available in purple, green and mixed colors to make your home decoration easier. Artificial flowers don't need to be taken care of, and their high-quality materials are more reassuring. With long shelf life and perfect shape, it is worth trying.

Please note that color difference does exist between images and actual product due to lighting in photography


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Flowers look very real. We are extremely happy with them. Would definitely recommend !