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Creating A Fresh Dorm Room With Green Plants

August 25 2019 – Rustic Reach

Creating A Fresh Dorm Room With Green Plants
Creating A Fresh Dorm Room With Green Plants
Green represents freshness, health and hope. It is the symbol of life and vitality, which makes people feel safe, calm and comfortable. There is no doubt that green plants have magical power that they can make very corner in your dorm room is full of vitality and energy, creating a clean and bright environment. Especially in heavy fog and rainy day, when you see green plants, your depression will be swept away and you will feel comfortable and happy. How to decorate the dorm room with green plants? There are some tips for your reference. Let’ s go and see how to make the dorm room more interesting and fresher.

Firstly, it is the combination of green plants and furniture. The wonderful combination of green plants and furniture will make you extremely amazing. You can make decorate the table legs or desk legs with some leaf vines, glossogyne vines and maidenhair fern vines, creating special, creative and unique furniture. In addition, they will not take up your space, but make unexpected effects. You can put some mini plants, including succulent plants, boxwood topiary and cactus bonsai Potted plant on the table, desk, shelf or cabinet, which can make the simple and mediocre furniture instantly become vital and be full of energy.
Artificial Large Potted Agave Plant
Secondly, green plants can be used as decorative paintings. In the form of a hanging basin, plus the soft decoration of the national style, the enthusiastic and casual Bohemian wind is simply created. That is to say, you can use the snowflake grass in iron hanging planter set and succulent wall art to decorate you dorm room which are very useful and interesting. You do not need to worry that it will be very difficult for you. Though you are a freshman in room decoration, you can ornament your dorm room with wreath spring green on rattan or wreath pink hydrangea white rose on rattan, which is the easiest way.
Artificial Asparagus Setaceus on Wood Board Hanging Decoration
Moreover, you can partitioned your space by green plants. The traditional partition wall and door-moving partition appear to be thick and rigid. It’s better to try the green plants that have strong sagging feeling. It seems to be a green waterfall you’re your hang some green plants like the leaf hanging vines in the middle to form a green partition, which is very fantastic and beautiful. The decorative effect is much stronger. Besides, leaf vines can also play a shading effect when put on the balcony. Sometimes it can help you to cover something not so good looking in your house. For example, it can be used to hang on the air-conditioning pipe. Furthermore, decorating the background wall with green plants. There are lot of different leaf vines, succulent hanging stems and hanging willow branches can be used to decorate the background wall. According to the seasons and moods, you can choose you own favorite colors and patterns, so that the background wall of a room can change the appearance. It can let the white space have a touch of green.

Finally, windows and corners can not be separated from the decoration of green plants. On one hand, window is one of the most important channels connecting indoor and outdoor, and it is also the most concentrated place in the home. It is advisable that you can put a few pots of green plants, like the cypress topiary and double ball desktop topiary on the window, so that you can enjoy the green plants in the morning. What a wonderful life! On the other hand, you can put some big trees, including the leaf tree, lemon tree and so on in corners which can create amorous feelings and warm feelings.

All in all, in modern urban life, office workers seldom have accesses to forests and nature, but we can make up for it in home decoration. Green plants can be moved into home to create a fresh and aesthetic home environment.