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Ceramic Vases for Your Personality Type

October 21 2020 – Hoson Xiao

Ceramic Vases for Your Personality Type
Ceramic Vases for Your Personality Type
Your home is a direct reflection of your interests and style. It’s the ultimate culmination of what you find to be visually appealing, functional, and well, pretty. While homes may be a mish-mosh of sorts, at the end of the day, it’s yours.

Vases are some of the best decorations to use to spruce of your home for their versatility and stimulating designs. They can come in an array of shapes, colors, and textures to fit your interior needs. Whether you need a holder for some flowers, a place to put your cooking utensils, or a stand-alone design element, Rustic Reach has a vase for you. Beautifully made and of high quality, these vases will be the inspiration for any room you add them to. They’re the perfect complement to any flower or space. Here are five vases for your style type:


The White Ceramic Vase Small Opening Vase has an earthy feel while also remaining modern. Its weight allows you to store heavier branches and flowers without fear of tipping over. The vase even gets more stunning the closer you get for its intricate detail and effortless style. The layered design of this vase makes it truly one of a kind and a real conversation starter for any entryway or dining room table set-up.

White Ceramic Vase Small Opening Vase


The Geometry Line Ceramic Stoneware Flower pot has a stunning, terracotta finish that perfectly encapsulates a bohemian feel for its natural flow. This play on pattern can sit well with any accompanying colors and other textural finishes. Its raised exterior adds another design element to the space with its handmade, white, ornate detailing. With a wider opener, it’s a perfect suit for fit any bushel of flowers or plant.

Geometry Line Ceramic Stoneware Flower Pot


Airy and delicate, the White Textured Porcelain Ceramic Jar Vase is a fantastic item for any home with a coastal feel. With its combed design, it will instantly remind you of the texture of a seashell and take you down to the shore. Add in some daylilies, bee balm, or a prickly pear cactus to bring the beach scene to life in your very own home.

White Textured Porcelain Ceramic Jar Vase


To act as a perfect juxtaposition to any cool-toned décor in your home, the Mustard Yellow Glazed Ceramic Vase is the perfect piece to add to your eclectic home. With its quirky-carved design, it can mesh into any other style within a room. Add in some teal flowers in the vase for the ideal balance of cool and warm tones.



Like the color of Greece’s waters, the Turquoise Ceramic Vase will immediately take you to the Mediterranean where the grass really is greener and the sky is a whole lot bluer. Pair this vase with other simple and romantic décor, and you’ll be hitting the Mediterranean style like a nail on a head.  Incorporate lots of whites, teals, and sea blues to turn your home into a Greek getaway in no time.

Turquoise Ceramic Vase

We hope one of these vases stands out of you and perfectly incapsulates your unique style.