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Baskets: The Latest in Household Function & Fashion

January 01 2020 – Rustic Reach

Baskets: The Latest in Household Function & Fashion
Baskets: The Latest in Household Function & Fashion

It seems like nowadays that you can stumble into anyone’s home and find a wicker basket or two aiding in the overall ambiance of a home’s beauty. Whether filled with decorative pine cones or holding freshly folded linens, you are bound to see them serving some sort of purpose. Even on Pinterest, there is a huge following of people who are interested in seeing what all they can do with a beautifully simple basket within their home. Come to find out - there’s really an unlimited amount of possibilities for them to serve! Some of our finer and elegant baskets can really give your home a more complete feel and help you get creative in your new home decor fashion and its functions.

Our set of 3-rustic baskets are a perfect way to not only keep everything organized, but also have all of your storage boxes in the same color, style, and texture. The three different sizes are ideal for holding supplies like in the bathroom. From keeping towels and washcloths sorted in the larger bin, the medium one can hold your hair dryer and hair styling products, and the smallest one holding Q-tips, hair ties, and other smaller loose ends. Keeping the color all the same makes for your whole space to look much cleaner and put together - even if you don’t think it does! Plus, with lids that are connected to the baskets, you can keep them closed for a neater appearance and privacy!

 Organic Straw Organizer Storage with Lid

These variety of sizes and styles of wicker baskets are a sure-fire way to add a little something extra to any room. Add the shallow, wide baskets to the living room to add succulents or flowers alongside coffee table books to make the place look nice for guests. Is it a birthday or Mother’s Day? Serve someone an elegant breakfast in bed with that basket for a comforting and cozy feel rather than just another paper plate breakfast! The deeper, wide ones are ideal for when you have long-lasting succulents that don’t need much soil or upkeep so that they can live happily ever after in their newest and coolest looking home.

 Natural Straw Basket in Different Colors

These incredibly beautiful round straw baskets are some of the most purposeful baskets you will ever purchase. Need a place to put a new bunch of stunning sunflowers or other larger flower? Put ‘em in here! Want to be a little artisan for a dinner party and have your loaves of bread perched and pretty decoratively? Set them up on the dinner table or entrance where guests can tear into it right then and there. They are also perfect for having outside during a pool party or anytime when people need to throw their wet towels aside rather than being dripping through the house.

 Khaki Brown Straw Tray

Does your kitchen need a little fun added to the mix? These perfectly portioned straw trays are excellent for serving up small snacks like trail mixes or chips for a fun party. They are also incredibly useful for someone with a green thumb in your life! This would be a wonderful gift for someone who has their own home garden to pick fresh herbs, veggies, or fruits and be able to bring them back inside without them getting squished or having to make several trips. And being able to store fresh herbs inside the trays is also an excellent way of preventing them from getting suffocated in a bag. Not to mention, they are right on hand when you need them!


Whatever and however you use your new wick or stray baskets, you are not going wrong with getting something so fashion forward for your home, but also incredibly functional! I mean, who wouldn’t want these lovely baskets all throughout their home?