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Wedding Bouquet Pink White Greenery Bridal Bouquet 15.7" Tall

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Artificial Flower Bouquet - Wedding Bouquet / Bridal Bouquet / Home Floral Decor


Greenery Plant, Rose, Others


9.8" D X 15.7" H
Please note that this is a hand crafted item by florist, each bouquet has slight difference in shape and size


Silk Cloth, Glue, Plastics,


Green, Pink, White, Mixed Colors 

Waterfall shape bouquet, just as its name implies, the modeling of flowers is like a waterfall, showing the natural effect of vertical compose falling form. The flower gives a noble and elegant feeling, so it is often choose a better quality flower material. A waterfall bouquet is a favorite of many royal brides, and even a favorite of many European and American stars. The bouquet in the bride's hand is not only a delicate ornament, but also a symbol of luck. According to the popular view now, the bridal bouquet is the guardian of the wedding, and it can let the person who attend the wedding avoid the bad luck and the disease infringement. At the same time, the bouquet is also a happy symbol. When the wedding ends, the bride throws the bouquet to her own boudoir honey group and the girl who receives the bouquet will become the next happy bride. With the waterfall floral bouquet, usually the bride will hold the flower between the waist and abdomen, so it is recommended that the bride may collocate with the long dress and you will be one of the most beautiful brides in the wedding.


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