Artificial Daffodil Bunch 20" Tall


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      Artificial Flower - Handmade Flower Bunch




      19.7" Tall


      Silk Cloth, PU, PE, Plastic, Latex, Paper


      White, Yellow, Green, Mixed Colors

      It is proper to choose the colorful flower arranging and the generous daffodil for sitting room. Put a bunch of daffodil in sitting room where is for family reunite and receiving visitors can let people feel peaceful and cozy.

      Daffodils have unique natural beauty with fresh fragrance and they are simple, elegant but extraordinary and free from vulgarity as well. So since ancient times, along with orchid, chrysanthemum and calamus, daffodil are called “the four elegances” among flowers.

      Moreover, it is also called as “the four friends” in winter snow together with plum, camellia and winter jasmine. It can create a kind of peaceful and comfortable feeling when put the daffodil in reading room or bedroom. Only a bunch of daffodil is enough to make the whole room full of peace and elegance. With good atmosphere, people will become more powerful no matter having rest or doing something.

      In history, daffodil is one of the favorite plants for many Britain painters and poets. Also, it is the daffodil that influences Britain most, so they define the flower language for it is respect. Another flower language "common in nothing" is often used by public officials to indicate a desire to excel in one's career and get rid of old customs and bad habits.


      Product ships out within 48 business hours of receiving order; Ships to United States, Canada and the rest of the world; Ships via USPS, UPS or FedEx; Ships as small parcel

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    • Variant: White / One Bunch
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    • Brand: RusticReach
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