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Artificial Baby's-Breath Flower Stem 26" Tall

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Artificial Flower - Handmade Flower Stem




26 " Tall


Plastic, Latex


Pink, Green, Mixed Colors

This baby’s-breath flower stem is very unique and there are a few people know it. The size of it flower is very small which is just like the stars in the sky. In addition, the color of its flower is green, which gives people a sense of freshness and it is very mini, but lovely and beautiful. It is plain and invisible, and has always been in an unquestioned state of flowering and falling. Though it is common, it is one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. Because it can match all kinds of flowers at will, without grabbing people’s elegance, and can show its own beauty and loveliness in time, without losing its own style. With its foil, the main flower becomes more colorful and attractive. It is just like the supporting roles in the movie, only in the background of the supporting roles, the protagonists will be more vivid and full, the protagonists and supporting roles are interdependent and complementary, and the theme can be fully expressed. Moreover, when decorating your house with a vase of baby’s-breath flower stem, there is a kind of felling with delightfully fresh spring for the first time, from the air in spread.


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