Lotus Set in Iron Pot


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      Artificial Flower in Vase Set - Handmade Flower Stem and Iron Pot


      Lotus Leaves, Lotus Seeds, Lotus Flowers


      QTY 1 X [Lotus Flower] 3.5" X 3.9" Bloom X 34" Tall

      QTY 1 X [Lotus Flower Bud] 2.5" X 4.7" Bud X 30.1" Tall

      QTY 2 X [Lotus Seed] 3.5" Bloom X 32" Tall 

      QTY 2 X [Small Lotus Leaf] 5.9" X 7.9" Leaf X 24" Tall

      QTY X 3 [Medium Lotus Leaf] 7.9" X 9.5" Leaf X 24" Tall

      QTY X 1 [Large Lotus Leaf] 9.5" X 11" Leaf X 28" Tall

      QTY X 1 [Metal Pot] Large


      [Lotus] PE, Plastic, Silk Cloth

      [Pot] Iron, Metal

      Please note that the flowers stems and the planter are not attached/glued together

      Green, Pink, Mixed Colors 

      Lotus the gentleman of flower is admired by many poets from ancient time to modern society.  Especially, Ode to the Lotus Flower medium of the great language is very popular “I just love lotus because she grows in mud, yet never contaminates with it. She floats on waving water, yet never dances with it”. Its lofty character spires us to chase the integrity of a noble personality. Put a lotus with iron pot in house represents the characteristic and personality of the host and what he purses.  The artificial lotus is able to compete with the true one but no need to worry about how to handle it.  After a few years, it is still as bright as what they original is and never fades. It is made by quality material and is dyed environmentally. The lotus is with full petals and rich layers; everywhere is carved carefully, which reflects the exquisite workmanship. It is a best choice to show your taste with this high quantity making. The blooming flower fully presents the rustic charm and beauty of nature. We cannot help to exclaim its glamour as its deep soul reflects the light of love and loftiness.


      Product ships out within 48 business hours of receiving order; Ships to United States, Canada and the rest of the world; Ships via USPS, UPS or FedEx; Ships as small parcel

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