Artificial Rose Bouquet Small Pink Yellow Rose


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      Artificial Flower - Handmade Silk Flower Bouquet




      [Pink] 7.1" W X 11" Tall; 20 Rose stems per bouquet
      [Yellow] 5.9"W X 9.1" Tall; 18 Rose stems per bouquet


      Silk Cloth


      Pink, Yellow, Mixed Colors

      Young love is as warm and beautiful as a rose. The artificial rose bouquet in our shop represents the eternal love, which sets a timeless romantic moment when a flower blossoms. The process of these roses are precise and varied under strict standards. After hundreds of elaborate craftsmanship, the rose bouquet can be kept for a long time in simulation model, with uniform color. In addition, the yellow roses and pink roses brighten your heart and make you feel romantic. Moreover, the rose petals overlap, surrounding each other, with edge slightly rolled. The leaves are very vivid with clear veins designed by professional and excellent art designer. Furthermore, placing some yellow roses in a transparent bottle can create a strong artistic atmosphere, giving you a realistic artistic conception, which can make you become a fashionable person. What’s more, rose bouquet perfectly matches the wedding. An eye-catching handheld flower not only makes the bride’s shape more perfect, but also is an important witness for the bride to experience this most important and happiest moments! Up to now, people still strongly believe that whenever roses appear, there must be romance, there must be a vow of love to express.


      Product ships out within 48 business hours of receiving order; Ships to United States, Canada and the rest of the world; Ships via USPS, UPS or FedEx; Ships as small parcel

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