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Renaissance Autumn Artificial Dried Flower and Plants Faux

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Faux Artificial Plant - Artificial Flower / Artificial Dried Lotus


Dried Flowers and Plants


Style [A] Goodyera Small 31.5" Tall
Style [B] Goodyera Large 37.8" Tall
Style [C] Pineapple Leaf 41.3" Tall
Style [D] Silky Oak Leaf 39.4" Tall
Style [E] Torch Flower 47" Tall
Style [F] Ginger Bud 28.4" Tall


PU, Plastic, Others


Yellow, Brown, Gold, Green, Mixed Colors

No need to worry about forgetting to water the adornment in home, because dry flower and plants save worry and good-looking as well. Choose the combination of the flower material you like by freedom and let the florist tailor it for you. One wall and one bouquet of dry flower are enough to make perishing itself become an art. Moreover, the meaning of dried flowers that will never die is also very good and it is a suitable gift for girlfriend, which implies that other people's love like flowers have a shelf life, but my love for you is as consistent as a dried flower that never die away. Dry flower and deadwood have a kind of cool and quiet feeling. Some special deadwood shows zen idea faintly. The arrangement work of dry flower and plant almost do not have an effect to a whole space. A lot of furniture of northern Europe style will choose dry flower or plant as the ornament for space. Their color and lustre is close to the scene in cold winter and brown gray is the dominant huge. The earth appears desolate in the world of dark color in wintry day, but because of such wintry day, the expectation that people has for spring also can become higher.


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Lovely! A great addition to the multiple orders I have already received from this shop; very, very nice.