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What Your Cement Planter Says About You

April 12 2021 – Hoson Xiao

What Your Cement Planter Says About You
What Your Cement Planter Says About You

The way you decorate your home says a lot about you—and the way you house your plants says even more. The power of décor is in the details. You can get pictures printed, posters hung up, and add other pieces around that spell out your interests, but sometimes, the most intense lasting effect is in the little details.

While you can get terracotta pots from the local plant store for essentially nothing, they don’t say much about you other than that you like your décor to be simple and cheap. And while there is nothing wrong with that, having pots that directly reflect your interests can be so much more powerful and inspirational.

While you’re never limited to just one option, here are some pots from Rustic Reach that can directly reflect your personality.

You Live Life for Laughs

You’re a down-to-earth person who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with potting soil. You love wildflowers and imperfections. You find that beauty lies in the little mistakes, like a tear in your jeans pocket from a sweet afternoon in the park or a dent in a leaf from where a ladybug had lunch. The Blue Jeans Cement Flower Pot is a great pot for you to reflect your sturdiness, your comfort, and the beauty in being laid back.

Blue Jeans Cement Flower Pot

You Steer Toward Modern and Minimalist Mentalities

Maybe you’re not perfect at being modern or a minimalist, but you still love the look of simplicity. But instead of decorating your home only in whites, greys, or blacks, you like to add a little flare, either through texture or color. This is why the Cement Planter in Various Shape Colors and Sizes is a great décor piece for you. While you can choose the color, shape, and size of the piece to create a cohesive space, you can still have a flash of fun with the speckled finish.

Cement Planter in Various Shape

Your Kids Are Your Life

Not only is your schedule overrun with your kids’ activities, so is your home. Everywhere you look, there’s toys, mismatched socks, binkies, bottles, and everything in between. It’s to the point that you accept crayon on the wall as an abstract wall art piece. To play into the chaos even more, use the Kids Desktop Bus Planter to house your plants in a fun and freeing way.

Kids Desktop Bus Planter

You Live Life Creatively

You’re not afraid to live outside-of-the-box—in fact, you encourage it. You love to paint, draw, write, craft, play music, or do anything that involves your hands. You feel your anxiety slip away with each stroke of your hand, watching color and vibrancy take shape in every form in front of your eyes. The Cement Planter Blue Pattern Small Planter Randomly Picked Set of 3 are great pots for you with their unique patterns and inviting colors. They’ll serve as inspiration for you for years to come.

Cement Planter Blue Pattern Small Planter

You Live Culturally

You’re someone who loves to honor cultures and live by them. Whether you always grew up in a specific culture or you loved it later in life, you find the wisdom and beauty in everything it encompasses. For these reasons, the Cat Shape Small Planter in Concrete is a great addition to your home for its unique details and neutral color palette.

Cat Shape Small Planter in Concrete