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Vases to Match Your Summer Personality

June 23 2021 – Hoson Xiao

Vases to Match Your Summer Personality
Vases to Match Your Summer Personality

Now that summer has arrived with humid heat, sunny mornings, and rainy afternoons, everyone starts to take a role in society. While some people prefer to relax at the pool, others swear by the beach. Communities begin to find their balance, and people really start to come alive.

With open windows in the evening and AC on bull blast in the afternoon, people tend to come home from their day of fun for much-needed rest from both physical activity and the sweltering sun. And what’s cozier for a home than some sunflowers or daisies?

Here are some vases to add to your home this summer season based on your personality.

The Beach Bum

Do you spend all day on the beach, relaxing with your toes in the sand and saltwater in your hair? Then you know relaxation, baby! Whether you love to unwind with a book in hand or on a board out in the water, seawater runs through your veins. That’s why the Blue Print Ceramic Vase is the perfect vase for you. With blue stripes resembling ocean waves, you can bring your safe haven into your home, without all the mess.

 Ceramic Vase Planter

The Park Aficionado

You’re the person who spends all day on a picnic blanket with a charcuterie board, a handheld radio, and a summer book at hip. You love to lounge with peaches and some friends, but you also don’t mind basking under the shade by yourself for some much-need you-time. Basically, you’re a simple person who likes a little bit of pizzazz. That’s why decorating your home with the Snow Mountain Hand Blown Glass Vase is perfect. You can keep that balance of simple yet trendy in your schedule and home.

Glass Vase

The Pool Partier

Coming home with sand all in your bathing suit and seaweed in your hair? No, thank you! You love to lounge on the poolside with an umbrella overhead, a drink in hand, and a book on your lap. You love to keep things a little fun while also tapping into full relaxation mode. And if you’ve had enough shade and want to take a dip in the pool, you have a favorite floaty nearby. Because you know what you want when you want it, adding the Glass Vase Set of 5 to your vase circulation is key. They have all the shapes and sizes you need when you need them.

Glass Vase Small

The Field Farer

You love to spend your days ripping through the grass on cleats, running shoes, or really anything that you can workout in. You love to partake in a game of softball or kickball, and you’ll never say no to a little soccer. And when you feel like getting a little crazy, you can’t help but to pull out your volleyballs or tennis racket. You’re the sporty type who loves to get down and dirty under the summer sun. So, when you come home from a day of athleticism, your home needs to reflect your love of outdoors. That’s why the Planet Hand Blown Glass Vase is perfect for you—it’s as out-of-this-world as your desire for green grass, tan sand, and the summer sun.

Glass Vase Planet