Using Faux Flowers This Fall—And NOT in a Bouquet

Posted on September 13 2021

Using Faux Flowers This Fall—And NOT in a Bouquet

When it comes to using flowers for the changing seasons, it’s easy to just try to make things as simple as possible but throwing them in a vase. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, decorating your home should be something that’s fun for you—something that allows your creative juices to flow.

Try using faux flowers from Rustic Reach this fall season in new ways that require the littlest bit of creativity if that’s not something that comes naturally to you. It’s all about using your hands and creating something meaningful and unique to you.

Here are some crafty floral ideas to try out this autumn!

Classic Yet Creative

One of the easiest crafts you can create with your flowers is a wreath. And before you start to think about how uncreative that is, relish in how you’d like to see your wreath come to life that’s original to you. While store-bought wreaths can do the trick, gathering your favorite flowers, ribbon patterns, and any other mixed-mode relics you’d like to have is so much more rare. Add the first letter of your last name with some sunflowers! Add some pumpkins, scarecrows, or ghosts mixed in too! Add whatever feels right to you, as it’s the first thing people will see as they come to your door.

Artificial Flannel Sunflower Stem

Going Garland

Garland is one of those décor pieces that is super easy to buy but everyone else seemingly has it too. It’s easy to keep year after year, but as time passes, the more boring it becomes. So, whether you want to dress up some old garland you have or want to start from scratch, grab some flowers and get to gluing! Add some pincushion flowers for texture, Impressionist Oncidium Orchid Stems for color, and Craspedia Globosa Bundles for shape. Hang it above a hallway, over a TV, or above a dresser.

Pincushion Flower Stem

In With the Old

Whenever we decorate for the holidays, we tend to introduce a lot of new décor. The issue with this is that our homes can become very cluttered incredibly quickly. Instead of loving the seasonal cheer around us, we start to feel anxious with all the new introductions. There are two simple solutions for this issue: 1. Take down some existing décor and store it away, or 2. Decorate what you already have out. This can be as simple as adding seasonal flowers to a vase that already has neutral flora, draping some roses over a picture frame or mirror, or adding seasonal fruit bunches to an existing wreath.

Artificial Rose Single Vine

We hope these ideas help you prep for the next season. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with what you already have or what you feel like you need decorate with that isn’t plastered across homes from Target or HomeGoods, remember to look at what you already have or what you can do with your hands. Not only will you be happier with the results, but you’ll also feel pride in knowing that what you surrounded yourself with came from your own hard work and creativity.