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The Summer Flower for Your Birth Season

July 28 2021 – Hoson Xiao

The Summer Flower for Your Birth Season
The Summer Flower for Your Birth Season

The season in which we were born plays a huge role in determining our interests and preferences. It’s often the time we feel most comfortable in for its anticipation and celebration.

It may feel like you can’t pay homage to your birth season in any other season but your own; however, you’d be mistaken. Finding ways to celebrate both seasons at once can help you feel more at home and in season. This doesn’t mean you have to hang up snowflakes in July or daisies in November. The tribute is in the details.

Here are subtle summer flowers you can decorate your house with based on your birth season.


The spring season is marked by fresh laundry, pastel flowers, bunnies, gingham, and sheer white curtains. Nothing says “new” like the start of spring as wildlife comes out of winter hiding and the sun feels like it’s shining again. Because it’s currently summer, while there’s nothing wrong with decorating your home with petunias and hibiscus, if you want some of your personality in your house too, decorate with Flame Tulip Flower Stems. With their bright hot colors, you’ll be celebrating the current season, but with the tulips, you’re paying homage to your birth season.

Flame Tulip Flower Stem


Nothing screams summer more than the color yellow. It serves as a reminder of the bright sun that lights cities up through the hottest season of the year. And luckily for this birth group, this summer, you get to celebrate your own birth season: Summer! You can be as on-the-nose about your flowers as you want. Basically, you own this season. Throw some Yellow Silk Roses in a vase in any room of your house. The entryway is always a great place if you need something eye-catching. Otherwise, decorate to your heart’s desire.

Rose Bloom Stem


Autumn is all about warmth and comfort. It’s cups of hot tea, fall leaves, a cool breeze, cozy sweaters, warm blankets, comfort books, and spooky movies. Everyone has finally cooled off from the summer heat, and they’re enjoying every last bit of the warmth before winter comes in hard and fast. Because fall is about warm tones, decorating your home with Artificial Flannel Sunflower Stems will help celebrate your season while also paying homage to a summer flower that is sunflowers, which bloom during summer and into autumn. It’s the perfect crossover between seasons.

Artificial Flannel Sunflower Stem


Winter is one of the most romantic seasons with drinking hot chocolate, cuddling on the couch to movies, walking through a snow-banked park, and making snow angels in a fresh snowfall. It’s about warming up with people who you love most, even your furry friends. With many holidays falling in the winter months, it calls for a lot of celebration, even though the sun begins to hide. To tip your hat to your birth season, add some Blue Magnolia Stems to your home. The color can serve as a reminder for skating on ice or a snowflake-covered sky. The magnolia ties to summer as this season marks the end of this flower’s bloom.

Artificial Blue Magnolia Stem