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The Perfect Potted Plant for Each Room in Your House

July 28 2021 – Hoson Xiao

The Perfect Potted Plant for Each Room in Your House
The Perfect Potted Plant for Each Room in Your House

Decorating your home isn’t just a hobby—it’s a science. It comes down to shape, texture, size, and overall ambiance. What kind of energy do you want to carry in your room? You certainly don’t want to put a light-heavy plant in a dark corner, and you don’t want to put a huge plant in a small space. How you decorate comes down to many different elements.

Instead of running around your home aimlessly trying to find the perfect location for the plant in your hand, follow this guide to avoid all the fuss but achieve all the function. All the plants provided are straight from Rustic Reach, and luckily for you, because they’re all faux, you can get all the beauty of living plants without the hassle.

Here is the perfect plant for each room in your home.


Because your entryway is the first place a guest will see as they enter your home, you want to make sure it’s equally home-y and eye-catching. You don’t want to add a plant too small that will be overlooked, but you also don’t want a plant that’s too big, considering most entryways aren’t large in size. Add a snake plant to a corner of the room next to a shoe rack and maybe a coat stand. This provides many different elements of height, texture, and shape to create the perfect ambiance.

Artificial Snake Plant

Living Room

A living room is basically where all the magic happens. It’s where everyone gathers at the end of a long day to relax and spend quality time together. Because it’s a jack-of-all-trades room, you don’t want to add a plant that takes up too much space. Fix a bamboo grass plant between the couch and a wall, next to the coffee table and across from the TV stand. The perfect element about this plant is that it adds a lot of dimension through its height, not width. This means you can add it to any space that is tight but needs some pizzazz.

Artificial Bamboo Grass


Your bathroom should be one of the most Zen places in your home. It’s the spot where you can wash away the day’s troubles and reconnect with yourself and your mind. Whether that means taking a bath or shower or simply giving your face a good wash, you want to have a plant in there that promotes peace. The gigantea succulent is the perfect plant for this space as it doesn’t take up too much room, yet it promotes tranquility and beauty.

Gigantea Succulent


Because your bedroom is the first and last place you see in a day, you want to make sure that it brings you peace and happiness. Adding a plant that helps create balance is ideal, which makes the olive bonsai tree the perfect addition to the space. You can place it on the floor next to a reading chair for a textural element, or you can add it on your dresser to help create some height next to a jewelry box or picture frame.

Artificial Olive Bonsai